Snow Wite – …As Psychedelic Days Go By (None)

Snow Wite - ...As Psychedelic Days Go By

Blue and violet flowers explode forcefully from out of the figure of Snow Wite, who’s album …As Psychedelic Days Go By, this happens to pictorially represent. It kind of makes me wish that outer space were full of flowers, instead of dangerous alien life-forms just waiting for you to come up there so they can zap you with a laser, or steal livestock from you. They’re notorious for pulling that shit, and it is truly disgraceful.

Artist: Snow Wite
Title: …As Psychedelic Days Go By
Label: Wormhole Records
Cat#: None
Keywords: Rock, Club Grunge, Guitar Pop, Powerpop
Reviewer: Alex Spalding, Mysterious Creepy Caller

Alex: I couldn’t get enough, so I’m back! Back with another review of Snow Wite, and this time it’s of what appears to be an EP-length effort full of positive vibes and sunrays…

*ring, ring*

… and unicorns… uh… is that our phone ringing? Our phones never ring! And right in the middle of a review, too! No problem, this gives us a chance to try out our new YIKIS secretary robot, SydneyAI!

SydneyAI: Beep bop boop, how may I direct your call? Oh? (Psst, they’re wanting to talk to you and they say it’s important…)

Alex: Oh, ok. I guess I’ll pick up over here, thanks!

*cough cough, ahem* Hello?

Creepy Voice: *heavy breathing* What’s your favourite scary movie?

Alex: Um… uhh, gee… let me think, hold on… there are so many! Do you think you could narrow it down a little? Are we talking classic horror, b-movies…

Creepy Phone Person: Your pick…

Alex: Well, that doesn’t help much. Hmm… ok, I’m going to say… maybe Scanners, though I also love Videodrome and The Brood, Cronenberg is wonderful… oh, but Phantasm is another classic, and John Carpenter’s The Thing… and Italian film-makers like Fulci always did interesting artsy stuff, and I love Hammer films… and anything with Vincent Price… and… there are so many things, I know I’m forgetting some… I really love Troll 2…

Creepy Guy: … Troll 2 sucked.

Alex: … HEY, who is this!? 😡

Total Creep-O: Guess.

Alex: I don’t know… Jimmy Russell? Rumpelstiltskin? I’ve got a review I’m writing right now, so I’m gonna hang up.


Geez, the nerve of some people. Anyway, as I was going to say… the first track on this EP is titled ‘300º’. There’s a music video, too! I think the song is about sex times. It’s got an irresistible pop inflection, very infectious like a fever and it has a lot of harmonic chorus effects for those Summery days spent underwater or staring at the blades of grass around you and wondering where your cigarette went…

*ring, ring*


That Creepish Voice: Why’d you hang up?

Alex: I hung up because you were being unfairly cruel toward Troll 2 and nearly brought me to tears with your philistinism. Why did you call me back?

Creeper Guy: I get to ask the questions, and you’d better not hang up again! *heavy breathing*


Ok, so back to the review… ‘SECRET’ is the next track! It is another one with a music video… I think Snow Wite must have a music video for all of their music… it begins with some sparkling, glimmering chimes after my own heart. Then, there’s acoustic guitar, some flutish sound subtly interwoven into the mix… definitely hearing some phone tones in there, feedback and guitar solos (over food, if you’re watching the video with me here!). It all makes me think… I sure hope that creep doesn’t call again…

*ring, ring*

… oh, great… hello?


Alex: … Oh? It sounded like you told me I’d better hang up, my phone probably just cut out. I thought the pause sounded strange… >_>

Phone Creepster: Very funny… do you know what else is funny? Stabbing… you… with a knife.

Alex: … you’re right, that is funny.


The third track on this album is called ‘Aphrodite’. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a music video. Just kidding, it actually does. Shot entirely on an iPhone, even! I’m watching it right now, and it’s actually really wild! Of the three videos I’ve seen, it’s somehow better in many ways, but also more… low-tech, seemingly? Is it ok to refer to something shot on an iPhone as low-tech? I love the gritty, robo-electro-industrial grooves of the music as it pairs with the hypnotic, low-key visuals in a tin-foil room. The video has an intensely edited feel, not what I would have expected at all from someone using such a device. The guitar solo in this track is mind-melting, I was seeing a guitar in the video but I kept thinking, this sounds like an expertly wonked out midi-sound or something. If it is a guitar, it’s being treated with some very bizarre effects! I love the organ, too, it adds a layer of deep magic to the whole thing.

*ring, ring*

Oh. My. Gosh. Hello!?

Creepazoid: We’re going to play a little game. Look out your back window.

Alex: Uhh… ok? How do you even know I have a back window?

Super Creep: Because… I’m looking at you right now.

Alex: Nope!

Crêpe: Yeah, it’s true. Turn on the lights back here, I’ve got a surprise for you.

Alex: Well it had better be something pleasant.

*turns on the lights*

Aaaaagh!!! Is that KN!? What is he doing tied to the giant lawn dildo!? Hello!? Ah, oops, I must have accidentally hung up when I screamed. Damnit, now I have no idea what’s going on. Oh well, I suppose I’ll just keep going with the review until he calls back. ‘D.I.A.N.E.’ begins with some psychedelic dirges, this phasing string madness, and there’s an uptempo break rhythm. The video is really nice! Lots of VHS wash, tracking errors; the blurry whiteness of the visuals makes you feel like you’re staring directly into the sun, it’s almost like you need to shield your eyes from it but instead you foolishly look straight into the eclipse of it and go blind.

*ring, ring*

Uh… yes?

Mec Flippant: You hung up! Now… you’re going to have to DIE! *click*

Alex: Shit! All of the lights just went out and I heard something crash! I’m gonna have to get out of here… but, I’ve also got to finish this review! ‘Psychedelic Days’ is almost like chillwave, but without much wave. Just chill. Pure, concentrated chill, in guitar form, with kind of an electro-beat. It has a video too, and the array of kaleidoscopic colours puts you into a trance. It’s a heady piece of music that will make you want to spin around and around as the world gets brighter with your heightened sensory awareness. It feels like you’re taking all of the beautiful cosmic rays of love into your body at once. Another awesome guitar solo sneaks in right at the end, definitely watch the video because that part is a lot of fun!..

… ok, time to bail!

*Alex then runs pantsless through the forests outside*

Aaaagh! I really hope all this screaming doesn’t draw attention to myself!!!

Creepy Guy From The Phone: Aha, is what I will say to you now! *stabbing noise*

Alex: No! I’ve been stabbed! This is the end! This is…

*ring, ring*

y-yAAAWN! Oh, hey… my alarm clock! That means… it was all just a dream! Well, all of it except for the music. I didn’t even see that twist coming. Here’s a link for you to listen to this great stuff yourself, which I would highly recommend:

Also, here’s a link to where you can pick it up on cassette, with bonus tracks!:

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