tony sit – secret

Artist: tony sit
title: secret
cat: monoKrak159
keywords: deep electronica
label: MonoKrak

Pssst.. Pssst!
We can’t talk loud!
Perhaps even make your eyes as small as possible..
The next audio form we are approaching here is secret!
Not too secret to mention,
but still secret enough to act mysterious and dodgy about.
I’m wearing finger print proof gloves while typing these words to you,
so I suggest the dear reader to take some kind of secret precautions too.
Maybe you can come a little bit closer to the screen and cover the surface with your hands so no other person except you can read what’s going on over here.
After all if the whole world knows about this secret,
than it wouldn’t be a secret no more.
But pssst really come closer,
feel the screen with your nose to be sure that you are close enough.
Are you sure you can handle the secret spoiled by tony sit?
Tony sit?!
Is that another whistle blower aiming for a portrait on the wanted list?
Nope! It’s THE tony sit, without capitals,
a deep electronica producer that just released two high quality secretive tracks through the always secrets-spoiling monoKrak records.
Why so secretive you may ask yourself,
this is news that deserves to be spread around to the public and beyond!
This is kind of true as the two tracks are covering a fierce point of excellent producer skills.
This work Is sucking every listener up with its deep moving bass and plain mysterious mood that gives a strange sense of flotation.
Perhaps this is why it supposed to be kept a ‘secret’ ,
as your government would probably like to keep the knowledge of music flotation all to themselves.
Imagine everyone just flying around on the secret music formula of tony sit,
it would be awesome,
but also perhaps gives the normal people too much freedom to submit to government control.
Flying high with the birds and no more boundaries is for sure something that we should handle carefully.
Also the second secretive track ‘Sunset’
gives us even a more spacious knowledge that makes everyone that encounters it,
not only free from the weight of the earth, but also seems to feature the knowledge of being able to breath in outer space.
Just simply move your arms out of orbit while this track plays and watch the earthly sunset from a distance that you can see the whole planet hanging out and about in the galaxy.
It is a pretty secret and probably we should keep this for ourselves.
Just use these two tracks responsibly for when the more greedy capitalist and other rules are out of sight and enjoy the freedom of no gravity,
and flying around with the birds and planets.
Please don’t pass this secret to anyone else,
and only with good trust I give you the secretive link over here:
p.s. this review will self explode in ten minutes.

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