Eren Silence – Eren I

artist: Eren Silence
title: Eren I
keywords: minimal, drone, ambient
label:Textural Records

Artist Eren Silence gives the listener a free downloadable release of lengthy tracks that are attempting to find the right balance to emptiness and dark toned hints of ambient. They come in slow and disappear in a similar way, leaving the listener enough silence to scratch the head.

This release needs a special state of mind to completely be enjoyed, something that could be done with perhaps meditation or plain tiredness. Although that last option may result in falling into a deep sleep with the great possibility of having slightly dark dreams.

The long stretches of minimal ambient are perhaps not very awakening, but they do seem to be made to fill up the void without getting in the way. Something that could be useful for moments in need of focus on study or work, but not liking to do these activities in total silence.

Let these tracks of Eren Silence form the background soundtrack of these moments. They can be your never disturbing companionship and they will await your arrival at the following link:

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