Various Artists – Intersected

artists: various
title: intersected
keywords: experimental, electronic, noise, ambient, drone
label: Attenuation Circuit

Esa  Ruohoh starts of the Intersected  compilation by supplying a nice tone that welcomes the ears in a polite and friendly way. There are no electronically interruptions to be found, although the title suggest that this recording is one on its own.

With a smooth pace the first track dissolves into the work of artist D. Burke Mahoney. Instead of a singular tone this track starts with a low setting that evolves into a deep track with a certain mystery about it. The music flows as if our ears are muffled with seaweed while slow waves are reaching the shore. The waves roll in a comfortable way leaving enough space for a  layer of drowned ambient. There are muffled voices to be heard at the end. Did someone found a body ashore with seaweed sticking out of the ears?

A little bit louder is the mechanical work of DJ R3v3r3nd murd3r. It has nice electronic elements as well as a heavy dose of dubstep. It comes across as a sarcastic sound track that fits the evil mind of a Robocop version of Freddy Krueger.

Than ‘Hattifnatter’ comes along and supplies also a track that wouldn’t be out of place as a backdrop in Elm-street.  It isn’t scary on its own but has the potential to go there with its dark toned theme. It’s as if we are going through a small alley in the night and not being sure if this direction was the safest way.

‘Java Delle’ is seeing frogpeople, and this must have been the true inspiration for the work featured on Java’s part of this compilation. The ears are treated with a mechanical rhythm and human activity that sounds as if it comes from a transistor radio that somehow repeats it-self. The almost factory orientated sound creation in this track is funny enough very comforting, as if it is our safe haven in the darkness.

Are we among friends and in a safer surrounding? It feels good when Alienbaby drops the electronic spoken word work ‘menschenpasta’. The artist explains that an alien baby is not made by humans and gets rewarded with a well-deserved 100 points.

Emerge’s soundscape perfectly fits this concept and feeds the hungry listeners with an interesting collage that walks through a minimal dark fantasy setting that could be placed in some kind of underground cave. It’s wet, there are stones, rocks and strange unknown sounds to be explored.

Than we have arrived at the secret location where the portals of hell are presented by a the bombastic sound wizardry of the noise pushing artist that goes by the all explaining name of S*I*N. Expect your ears to be dragged into a world of devilish pain, high frequencies and a wealth of strange noise attacks! If it’s a sin that I love this track, than please make way for a first class ticket to hell because this work is to thrilling not to be enthusiastic about!

The return of Esa Ruohoh means also that the end of this compilation has been reached. The ears get a small time tonal massage before being released back to normality.

This was already the eleventh episode of this interesting compilation series released for free through the Attenuation Circuit experimental label. My words may end here, but your journey starts at the following link:

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