void&light – papillon

artist: void&light
title: papillon
keywords: experimental, lo-fi, ambient, drone

void&light is going to take us out on a journey. It all starts with the sound of the rising sun that warms the skin as well as the ears. The weapon of choice is mainly a guitar and effects, but the results are as if a huge horizon is being revealed and we can’t wait to get rid of our cocoon and spread our gigantic wings into the rays of sunlight. Slowly opening up new views in this psychedelic friendly world of wonder, artist void&light gives us the extra dimension to lift of our newly shaped identities into the early stream of daylight. The pretty wings on our back are just as fascinating as the music that fills up our insect like tummies. While admiring the void filled with beauty, our wings move up and down, dried through the light and thrilled with a little morning breeze; we are moving upwards  towards the blue sky. Here we fly through a peaceful landscape while our new life as a grotesque butterfly is being beautifully accentuated by the warm rays of pretty music. The view is warm and friendly and an absolute comfort to fly through, the music by void&light is the best guide for our new life as a butterfly of wonders.

While part one of our journey was a discovery and our wing rhythm compared to a swallow taken by the soft wind, part two feels as if our wings are moving quicker. Void&light creates the ideal soundtrack while we fly around in a new generated feeling of bliss and discovery. The full acceptance of our new life in combination with the music brings us the perfect movement of loops and spaciousness. Our wings close and open in a static way, to see and hear the possibilities of our newly generated senses of pure freedom. Void&light provides a calming and constant moving guitar based ambient soundtrack that never bores and perfectly fits the complete reborn as a butterfly concept. Please be sure to have opened your mind and ears and fly over to the following link for void filling light:

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