Snowfeeder – The Melting Orchestra

artist: Snowfeeder
title: The Melting Orchestra
keywords: experimental

Through the internal bowels of the busy members of the Yeah I Know It Sucks team came a dropbox link with two tracks. A little hint that someone called ‘ Johnny Filth’ was requesting a review gathered my greedy attention to snap this zip file for my own private reviewer’s session. Upon unzipping the tracks I felt slightly disappointed as I was hoping to write a slutty review about an artist called ‘Johnny filth’, but the zip files could be considered a trojan horse camouflaged as a filthy Johnny as the files included were credited with the lesser raunchy artist name ‘snowfeeder’. Besides the two tracks there wasn’t artwork (the YIKIS designer team made the one as seen above) or any other information included, so it might be that these files are a demo only reserved to our ears.

The first track that came into my ears was one called ‘the melting orchestra’. It is a lengthy track that upon first listen doesn’t seem to feature an orchestra, although maybe it’s melted too much to be recognized.  Another missing thing that had let me double check the audio cables for any faults was a bass or a lower frequency in sound. I don’t know why it was so prominently unavailable, but it felt as if Snowfeeder left it out for us not too nick  these tracks and release them under an own inventive artist name.  As a modern day underground artist, you can never be too protective about your work I guess. Nonetheless after a while my ears started to get more used to the sound that snowfeeder was feeding me. It had the slices of vaporization, of long stretched out almost ambient-ish tones that by closer inspection might be indeed originally hailing from an classical orchestral. There is also a faint beat somewhere swimming in this mid-tone arrangement of music, which is helping to put the stretched out might-be strings at a slow rhythm. Personally I feel it has the potential to become a beautiful swan, but the lack of depth and fragile sound choice made the experience difficult to enjoy without thinking that there was something wrong with my ears. But perhaps, there is a possibility that there is indeed something wrong with my ears and that my disappointment of not writing a filthy Johnny review has found a commentary undertone in these words.

The second and last track that my unsalted opinion will touch is a work called ‘Wish-away land’. It’s with its more than 19 minutes an even lengthier track than the melted orchestra one,  and feels a bit like an live manipulation of a programmed rhythmic loop. Although the rhythm on its own is slightly fast and full, the track itself feels very slow and seem to take the time on a limitless journey. There are some slices of guitar that appear and disappear after a while, but this certainly keeps the attention span in the right way. After ten minutes or so, the patient ears get a slight reward when Snowfeeder adds an electric guitar softly into the mix. It gives the track that extra ‘special thing’ that makes this long listening session well spend.

I’m not 100% sure if this link goes to the same snowfeeder as the one this internal review request came from, but if so, than have a look around:

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