Alan Lauris – Q3 (The Quest part 3) (EP)

artist: Alan Lauris
title: Q3 (The Quest part 3) (EP)
keywords: pop, electro, kraftwerk, pet shop boys, singer & songwriter, sock puppets, synthpop

There is no doubt that Alan Lauris is our lonely champion in the electrosingersongwriterpop genre. His glorified heroic appearance of his newest album is well captured in its openings tune that is fittingly called ‘Making an entrance.’ We can just imagine our hero, with full haircut waving in the wind stepping into the boxing ring, where fans are cheering and clapping for part 3 of Alan’s quest.

Armed with a prominent sock puppet that reminds everyone of his former success song ‘no matching socks‘ on the front cover, nothing can go wrong with this new attempt of this special character.

His endless dedication comes to life with his first real track called ‘dedicate’, it feels a bit like the pet shop boys and Kraftwerk, but the vocals and lyrics are very Alan Lauris. He sings about different things that ‘he’ or someone else dedicates his life too. Where most normal people are dedicating their life to work, our superstar offers also other more romantic options like for example  ‘the stars’,  ‘the sound’ and of course ‘the sunrise’. He continuous with ‘dedicating your life to your smartphone’ and ‘dedicating your life to your wife’.  As you notice this is another songwriter classic that is easy to sing along with.

From the more bubbling electropop of  ‘Dedicate’, Alan Lauris  new track start to works on my laughing senses. I can’t help it, but Alan’s  slightly cheesy carousel pop music over here and probably the way how he pronounces things in his funny placed rhythmic voice just seems to  crack me up for no obvious reasons. I mean it’s clear that the song ‘I have what it takes’ is lyric wise a serious song, but it still makes me laugh uncontrollably as if it tickles my humor senses after eating a big piece of space cake. ‘I have what it takes’ is an instant cracker!

With already the fourth track, Alan Lauris gives us more Pet Shop Boys orientated music. The music is cheesy but perhaps that’s a Dutch thing,
wooden shoe’s, windmills, tulip fields and cheese is their legacy after all.
The lyrics are written by John Coughlan and are quite intensive. The ending of this track is unexpected when Alan suddenly changes his tone of speaking and sounds like a young lad pronouncing clearly and brightly before the final note.

Another good laugh is ‘Following Albert’ , from the start we get Alan in perfect form with his voice through  a funny filter and more happy cheesy pop music. It’s a song that captures Alan at his best and for certain guaranties me to be an fan of his work. Here our hero delivers everything that makes him lovable in my book, realism mixed with humor and of course the return of the typical ‘Alan Lauris’ ending.  The lyrics are saying everything you need to know so here they are for the eyes of willing readers to enjoy:

I’m following Albert on a daily basis
Through his awesome tweets and his facebook page

I’m following Albert cause I like his style
With the coolest friends and his perfect smile

I’m following Albert cause his life is dope
All the things he does, somehow it gives me hope

Yes, I’m following Albert cause I’m not that cool
I want to have his life, now I am just a fool

The track ‘In his bed’ is the first instrumental tune of The Quest part 3 and it fits perfectly after the previously heard anthem. It feels very old school in sound choice, but also almost innocent and childlike. It’s not hard to imagine Alan Lauris feeling very content while making this track.
It’s actually the nicest track music wise with it’s kind of cute melodic arrangement. The little children will love it swell as the older ones who don’t want to grow old.

With ‘Aquaplaning’ we hear a more technical side of Alan Lauris.
Just think about him here dressed in a special designed carton box robot costume, whisper singing in your ears the lyrics by John Coughlan.
This is more stuff that feels very close to the sound and feel of the more sensitive songs of the Pet Shop Boys and is also the end of this collection of new Alan Lauris works.

After this two remixes follow, the track ‘Dedicate’ gets a swing mix  and also the crazy ‘Following Albert’ hit, gets an extension that simply is greatly mad in all its funny craziness. A perfect ending.

The Quest part 3 by sock puppet master and electropopsingersongwriter Alan Lauris is a nice album covering different parts of music. To me it’s obvious that when Alan himself write the songs they are more close to home and comical, than the ones when he sings John Coughlan’s lyrics. Personally I prefer the complete Alan Lauris experience than his collaborations as they sound more original and fun.
So if you are in search for an alternative Pet Shop Boy and have some fun along the way too, than this might be the stuff you are waiting for.

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