Reisebüro86 – Legitimate Sacrifice

artist: Reisebüro86
title: Legitimate Sacrifice
keywords: ambient, dark, tribal, disco, weirdo, experimental, ambient, ritual noise

There’s a soft crackling hiss coming from the speakers. Before we have any time to check the problem a loud rumbling appears through it. The rumbling transforms into madman pressing his fingers on top of a saucy old school keyboard. Then suddenly a over-distorted guitar arrises and start to jam with a cheap bell sounding sound hailing from the keys. What the hell is happening? What is this all about? Don’t worry too much as its all just part of the ‘legitimation’ by our favorite sound traveling agency.

After surviving the first test of taste successfully ‘Reisebüro86’ gives us a few seconds of rest before aiming to entertain the ears by jamming the wild fingers on the keyboard with a more synthetic sound. With this appears a growling distortion that wants to destroy the new founded freaky melody. It is as if the musical artist is fighting between a preference for noise, keyboard or guitar. But whatever the weapon of choice is, they are all unmistakably raw and noisy.

With ‘black monologue’ the struggling madness goes on as with an almost child like play fullness the keyboard seems to be played as if it’s an contemporary instrument that needs to be raped. And indeed not very far in this track the machine gets raped and it sounds absolutely mental. The guitar is humping the keyboard keys until they are both screaming of pain and joy.

With ‘achieve’ the sounds of cheese make an panicky reappearance as if the keyboard is screaming for help to end its suffering. But before we can reply to its call the guitar starts to slam angry and together they turn into a wild ballet of distorted weirdness. The odd couple even give each-other some space to show their spiral dancing and high jumps in tutu’s.

The abused snares of the guitar shows up in a devastated state in the track that is called  ‘atomy’s rue’ . It’s still alive but sounds as if it has been working too hard and searching for breath to continue. Lucky the raped keyboard is still in tact and brings the track to a safer place where the two starts to freak out again like they just met for the first time.

With ‘silent might’ we hear the pair in a muffled sound playing an almost Christmas like theme. A place where father christmas is replaced by Satan and his angels on the distortion pedals.

The track ‘heretic story’  feels for some reason a bit more creepy, perhaps because it came after the Christmas themed work? It has the prominent Casio feel but also more an odd rhythm  and crunchy guitar.

More happy in feeling is the start of ‘chosen smell’. It has a funny vibe and reminds me of brushing teeth. The keyboard is also present and shows an intense delirious side of itself. Next to that there is also room for more a humorous show of sounds, a little bit like a twisted parade that is more intended to trip on than the previous heard tracks.

this album is noisy, raw and feels like a constant fight between mostly a guitar and keyboard who are all going through some kind of therapeutic session that involves distorted  wild  behavior, fun, and strange music in general.
If this is your cup of tea than prepare your ears and follow this link:

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