Mentz – Lines

artist: Mentz
title: Lines
cat: esc.rec.41
keywords: jazz, dream, chill out
label: esc.rec.

Mentz  is a production of jazz collector Stephan Raab. Together with the help of trumpet player  Krisztián Ákos Muhar, Wouter Suren on the Clarinet and Bart Knol (who plays the Rhodes), He delivered a free must have pretty micro record, on the always surprising esc.rec. record label.

Mentz’s ‘lines’ listens away as a nice relaxing dream where all bad vibes are excluded. You can hear a great knowledge and love for a wide variety of jazz molded into something that captures only the pretty and dreamy essence. At times my ears get reminded of the softer sides of acts like Soft Machine, Chet baker, Coltrane , but my mind simply keeps dreaming away to calm summer days while these warm compositions float around. The record just may consist of just 4 short tracks, but they are so full and beautiful that they could be played on repeat forever.
Enjoy this realm of warm dreamy music over at the following link:

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