Concealed Sequence – The Entropy EP

Artist: Concealed Sequence
title: The Entropy EP
cat: Siro650
keywords: electronica, IDM, Ambient, Drum & Bass
label: Sirona-Records

The Entropy EP by Concealed Sequence has been hanging out in the waiting room of Yeah I Know It Sucks for quite some time. It has been going through multiple gossip magazines and has been lurking free coffee until there was nothing left. It took probably months but finally the green light to enter the reviewer’s office had been given. It came in slightly dusty from the long wait, but still hyper from the high caffeine amount that had been rushing through the veins of this patient EP.

The examining reviewer told The Entropy EP to sit on the bed and open up its mouth for inspection. ‘Ah, the reviewer said, I can see the problem! You got four tracks stuck in there!” Before The Entropy EP could ask any questions, the reviewer took a big scalpel and plunged directly into the mouth of this EP. Carefully but quite roughly removing ‘Entropy’, ‘Kronos’ , ‘Altima’ & “Escapism’. ‘Ah, look at that, the reviewer said… These tracks have been bothering you, he? You must feel relieved now they are out of your system, right? But The Entropy EP was not here to have the tracks removed; he was here for a simple but thoughtful and above all honest review of them! ‘Don’t you worry about them’ the reviewer said.. I will review them intensively and then put them back inside of you, okay? The Entropy EP made a sound of relief and nodded off with agreement.

‘Ah, let’s look at this little fellow over here/ the reviewer said.. ‘Entropy’.. Let’s hold it against the light and then close to the medical hearing improvement system for further examination…

‘Ahm yes.. This sounds familiar.. It sounds like the beginning of ‘Entropy’ has been closely related with the soundtrack of B movie horror classic ‘Don’t look into the basement.’ .I always had a weak spot for bad movies, although that plot was unforgettable.. It was worth the one pound at the time.. ‘ The reviewer mumbled a little bit more and searched for his so called one pound movie collection, but obviously couldn’t find it.. ‘Ah yes.. the reviewer once again said.. Where was I? It was only exactly 33 seconds of the beginning of ‘Entropy’ that reminded me of that movie, but after that; the sound got a much fuller satisfaction and drifted off far away from the memories that came to my mind.. It started to be more modern and deep with a spacious electronic feeling, warm pads and something that feels a bit depressive, which is odd because the full synthesizer sound is actually quite appealing for space traveling.

<intercom:> reviewer, reviewer! There are still 1000 releases jumping around in the waiting room,  and there are still more coming in.. what shall I do?
<reviewer through intercom:> get them some coffee and magazines, will ya? I’m busy dancing..

‘ah yes, dancing.. the reviewer said.. Wait, I’m dancing? Why am I dancing? Oh it must be this little friendly fellow over here with the name ‘Kronos’. This is some pretty stuff with fine rolling breakbeats and fine mysterious modern melodies… Shit, did I just do a flip flop and an handstand? This track my dear ‘The Entropy EP’ you should really be proud of it, as this is really some nice dance music, mate! Really, keep it tight with you as someone might steal it you know..

‘ah, my friend.. the reviewer said once again.. that other track of yours ‘Altima’ is really cool! It has that really old school drum n base feeling to it, which I personally endorse with my youthfull heart. It reminds me of dancing in London in these fine underground clubs high on amphetamines and of course the plain rush of energetic beats and that slightly ‘rude boy’ attitude. This has a really nice ‘evil’ feeling and that phat dark synth sound that lays underneath it at times really is ‘sick as fuck’ as they would say it back in them days..

<reviewer through the intercom:> can someone arrange me some coffee?
<intercom:> sorry all the coffee has been finished.

‘ah, another shitty day at work.. the reviewer said.. luckily the music by ‘Concealed Sequence’ is getting me some good comfort in these harsh coffee-less times.. Especially that last track ‘Escapism’ is really something that cheers me up. It seems to come as two parts attached to one. It has the trademark deep and full synthetic sounds and drags us slowly into an escape of music. Really a nice track that totally suits the ending of ‘The Entropy EP’.

‘ah, please open your mouth widely ‘The Entropy EP’ as I will use the scalpel to put these four tracks back where they had come from..  ah there you go.. the reviewer said with a state of bliss. Now my friend, the conclusion is that you are a pretty little EP with a very full sound that flirts with electronic ambient, drum n base and pretty spacious melodies. You shouldn’t waste your time in the waiting room of YIKIS, but should go out there and entertain the masses with your wonderful free productions!

<reviewer through intercom:> okay, The Entropy EP by Concealed Sequence has been finished, you can send someone else in.. but please provide the link for further reference.. <intercom:>

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