Lachrylic – Sundrown

artist: Lachrylic
title: Sundrown
keywords: electronic, ambient, experimental
label: Courier Sound

Artist Lachrylic delivers an relaxing experimental album through Courier Sound, a micro label based in Southend On Sea, England.

The record is thrilling with a soft content of slow moving subtile darkness that seems to be crushed in a way that it keeps the frontal noise at bay. Mixed in this movement that could be identified with an electronic supplement of crushing waves are sweet and almost childlike bell-like sounds that blends the seemingly dark edges into something much friendlier.

‘Sundrome’ is the titular track of this record and works very well in calming the listener down with an electronic crunchy ambient composition. It has some fine hints in rhythm that smells of being influenced by the so called ‘intelligent’ side of dance music. The extra crunchiness that all the sounds seems to be coated in makes this track a perfect alternative for electronica lovers who like their relaxing prettiness a little bit rough on the edges.

The third track is called ‘eclipse’ and keeps the style of work to fit well with the previous heard tracks, although this one seems to focus more on the experimental side. The highlight is an upcoming buzz that growls perfectly with warm vibrations.

This vibration mixes in perfectly to the last work, which is a calm electric beauty with lovely sequences and minimal harmonics that becomes more and more pretty along the way.

This pretty record might be the micro organism of beautiful electronic music you were looking for.
Sundrown is available as a limited edition CDr in postcard package or as a digital download.
For more information please follow the link over here:


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