Various Artists – Topology

Artists: Various
title: Topology
keywords: experimental, drone, electronic, dada-ism, noise, soundscape
label: Attenuation Circuit

Zander/Fiebig opens this compilation with a track called ‘Abtastung 2’. It features the sound of malfunctioning audio cables, clear recordings of manipulated household equipment, and other abstract electronica. At times we hear someone swallowing saliva, turning the pages of a book and a mono inspection of the deeper roots of both sides of the ear. This seemingly disconnected collection of sounds is doing its darned best to keep the listener on its toes.

What follows next is a soundtrack that keeps in track of the experimental footprints of its earlier heard partner, but chooses to go for a flow that is more together. This is the work of an artist who calls itself ‘Deep’ and indeed does honor its name with the depth of the experimental work that is featured on this compilation. This is a warm, deep ambiance soundscape that hangs half together of psychedelic drone music and pure experimentalism.

More humoristic and lightweight is the work by Martyn Schmidt. It is a live recording of the artist doing some crazy vocal workout that goes all a bit wacko. Before scribing this of as pure dada-ism, the German vocalist starts to sing an unexpected song under a prominent beat.

‘RX°N’ joins this compilation with a very minimal track that could be categorized as ambient/drone. It is coming across as a very dark and lonely place that growls softly for affection. The soft hiss that burns underneath it all is creating an extra layer of warmth to this otherwise cold sounding track.

The last track is by label owner ‘Emerge’ and brings our mind to the surface of the shimmering unknown. Something is out there as it crunches in soft bubbles in the warm experimental soundscape. At times it makes me think of being under the ground while listening to soft firecrackers in the far distance. The slow movement of this recording is a very humbling experience and will leave the listener in a clear mind without any further ‘distractions’.

The Topology compilation is freely available through the following link:

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