We Are US – And This Is You

Artist: We Are US
title: And This Is You
keywords: pop, indie, punk

Let’s do a little role play lady’s and other gentle people. Let’s imagine that you are us and we are you. Wouldn’t that be great? I mean we can sit on our sweet behinds while you do all the reviewing for us. Although now we are getting a bit confused as you, I and we don’t know who is who at this moment of time. But whatever it is ‘We Are Us’ is definitely not us, but perhaps it’s you. Or maybe you are a part of ‘We Are US’? Let it be clear that the bandname ‘We Are US’ is slightly confusing especially when they are releasing a few tracks under the flag of ‘And This Is You’. What does this all mean? Is this about the United States of America against the unlucky rest of the world? A little identity-crisis? Or is it indeed about a group of indie punk rockers that just need to make sure that there is a boundary between them and ‘you’ the listener? But before going completely loopy within this textual space, let’s talk some stuff about the actually music that ‘And This Is You” contains.

The EP starts with ‘You’ and is sounding quite alright in the rambling indie pop genre. It contains some fine sweet vocals by a male & female ‘We Are US’ member. While ‘You’ has a high lollypop feeling, it also comes across as something that could be played on the radio with its seemingly catchy hooks. The second track ‘Talking To My Baby’, is another lightweight rocker with pretty harmonics and there is even a synth hidden somewhere in the mix. The last track is ‘Call Me’ which makes me thing again, who is ‘Me’? But let’s not fall into that word trap again and just tell ‘you’ that this track is crunchier than the other ones. It’s a little bit rawer and even a royal minute longer in its playtime. This is maybe proof that this track was not orientated to be a hit single, but attracts ‘my’ ears a lot more with its stoned feeling of sound. You give ‘We Are US’ a call and ‘We’ do a shout out to ‘You’! ‘all the vibes they need is you’ so hop over to the following link and hear ‘And This Is You’ for yourself:

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