Genlevel – Patience EP

artist: Genlevel
title: Patience EP
keywords: alternative, acid, techno
label: 4-4-2 Music

From the warm depth of soft background hiss, a simple synth string arises. It plays the ‘evil tone scale’ while a electronic lightweight beat hops in together with a deep bass.
Just when the moment comes that it starts to smell like a retro hip-hop artist needs to come in to spit some rhymes, the electronic vibrations start to kick off with an hard base kick and clap as their personal friends. The electronic melody is deep and high at the same time and does it’s best to lift the listener up in it’s catchy danceable groove. This is ‘Fugitive’ a track made by ‘evil’  Genlevel from his just released Patience EP.

This EP was released to easy the long wait for Genlevel’s ‘Back 3 Basics’ vinyl pressing.
It sure will entertain the waiting masses and other technoid lovers alike, because this EP covers some fine straight to the dance floor crackers! Who can resist the minimal acid of a track like ‘Bones’, with its pushing beat and its high-making synths?

The third track on this record (Radar) is slightly different in orientation, it is a bit more aimed to chill out  but still satisfying the spaced out ravers with some fine acid wubs that will simply fill up the space with deep goodness. After a little chilling out the track feeds some boxing beats that pushes back the energy to dance on this fine techno tune. The buildup and the breakdown and the use of the deep base are making this tune my personal favorite.

The last track is called ‘Reckless’ and is a straight edged dance floor shaker. It has that pulsating swinging vibe that is simply irresistible for acid heads that simply are in need for vibrating dance music. Reckless does the trick with it’s hypnotic undertones to make every stiff crowd move freely in the tight rhythm. So put your raving glowsticks up in the air and have a blast with Genlevel!

For instant dance fun with infectious minimal acid, please continue by pressing the following link:

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4 Responses to Genlevel – Patience EP

  1. Ben says:

    Hello there! Thanks for the words 🙂 just a heads up that it’s Genlevel (pronounced jen-level) not Genievel.

    Cheers again!

  2. Ben says:

    Adopt, not about! Ok, today I suck at computers.

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