Nesey Gallons – Boston, 1999

Artist: Nesey Gallons
title: Boston, 1999
keywords: alternative, ambient, experimental
label: Little League Records

Mix the sound of nature with some Disney-ish interpretation of humming pretty angels and you might get a possible idea of how ‘January Phase’ sounds like. This is the first track on a really friendly experimental release by Nesey Gallons and feels as a warm welcome into a fantasy land where everything is pretty and nice.

‘Tornado Warning’ is less happy go lucky material and would probably frighten the unicorn away with its soft tension of something going wrong in the near future. If we consider the title of this track, it might be that we are listening to the pre-fear of an upcoming tornado, captivated in high pads that crawl under the sensitive skin.

with ‘Extinct Anniversaries’ we get surprised by the sound of chattering chipmunks, who seemingly introduce a calm and pretty soulful ambience. Suddenly a child voice appears and it triggers my memory into seeing the visuals of PsychicTV’s ‘Are you experienced’ projected in my brain. It has nothing to do with the music that Nesey Gallons provides here, but they seem psychically connected through some weird channel of music.

Nesey Gallons treats the ears right with their experimental release ‘Boston, 1999. It all ends with Nesey becoming a unicorn (yes, you are reading it right!) on the backdrop of reversed guitar strings and trippy vocals that makes me think of the more spaced out times of the legendary ‘Robert Wyatt.’ The unicorn must be pleased within the context of this music as it sounds like a magical place full of warmth, green grass and of course rainbows. Travel to this world of magic over at the following link:

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