Jan Terri – Journey to Mars / Excuse my Christmas

Jan-Terri-Amazing-Imageartist: Jan Terri
title: Journey to Mars / Excuse My Christmas
keywords: Jan Terri’s space rock/ Jan Terri’s christmas song
label:  JR Records

Jan Terri is some hot and tough space lady rocker! Armed in a fitting space suit she gladly shows us the way back up to her home planet ‘mars’. She does this with authentic rock music and the catchy sing-a-long hooks ‘Journey to Mars’ and ‘Beam me up Scotty!’.
Her voice is one of those special ones that even though she seems to hang closely to the out-of-tune-side of things, it fits surprisingly well within the space context of the song. The guitar part that contains some good riffs are also worth mentioning, as they are probably the real rocketeers behind this uplifting rock tune.
But the hit story of this track really originates from the popular shared videoclip.
The visuals are amazing and some shots are seemingly done in an real moving alien vessel.!Also the stage props are pretty futuristic!
If you haven’t seen or heard of this pretty singer, you probably have been living under a rock. But it’s always nice to relive this song, especially when you too, are a lost Mars-ian! Out of pure respect of the phenomenon of the talented Jan Terri, here is the so beloved song/ video clip:

Of course nobody can have enough of the one and only Jan Terri,
and I can greatly inform that she didn’t stop making music after all the unexpected/suspected internet and television successes.
Christmas is coming soon and even though this is a tune originally brought to life in 2011, it is still a song that feels very relevant as the festive season is closing in a rapid speed.
Her song ‘Excuse My Christmas’ is also decorated with a lovely video,
this time with a professional looking animation with Jan Terri, just like roger rabbit, added into them. It is one of those magical things that can’t be unseen or unheard, and shouldn’t! Come dance and sing with Jan Terri as she got the Christmas groove! But it’s not all Christmas what is happening here, the end part is our diva and her friends counting off into the happy new year! Good stuff, if you’d ask me!

Jan Terri, you rock! (and you know it!)

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