Material Action – Dance (video)

artist: Material Action
title: Dance (video)
keywords: cosmic wave, chill wave, electrowave, synthppopwave, Hi-NRG & lo-NRG, video, hypnotic, cool as fuck electronica, video

Material Action is an duo consisting of Eric Sexton (synths, percussion, voices) & Alex Spalding (Rhythms, synths, productions & vocals).
They also have the help of an mysterious additional supporter named ‘Dan Kilmartin who is the archivist & life coach of this electronic band.
Their music is self-descibed mix of cosmic wave, chill wave, electrowave, synthppopwave, Hi-NRG & lo-NRG. In other words these smart dudes know exactly what they are doing and they are taking their time to do it good! They have released two albums on the now legendary underground label Sirona-Records and with a huge response of fanatic downloading fans, they grow stronger in their Material Action coats.

^^-Here you can pre-see them without moving. On the front left (with smoking hot cigarette) is Alex Spalding, and on the right (snorting a long line of light) is Eric Sexton.

Their music tracks are pretty diverse; at times touching chill out, but mostly their sounds are perfect stimulating friends that keeps your body moving in a fanatic rhythmic dance fest. Alex Spalding has been known for his huge interest in rhythms and has probably assembled enough information to put all this knowledge into these electronic chilled out cosmic synth waves! But it is not only the beats that are making these tunes stand out in a crowd, it’s them and the combination of the well used textures of synthetic electronic sounds. With them they play around with catchy and lovable melodies that evoke strange moods and emotions.
Most of them are positive, fueled with good vibes and even a slice of sexuality.

Material Action just launched some epic video clips for a great selection of wicked tunes! This is a great way to give the faceless name of ‘Material Action’ a face (or two even in this case!) and also is just an awesome way to get to know this group in an audio/visual way.
With the video creator Dylan True Durrington directing these video’s you are sure of some great fitting effects and camera angles to keep your eyes just as hooked as your ears. One of the video-clips is done for the track called ‘Dance’ which is in my own personal world, my favorite of this music-video set. Most of all it’s because the ‘Dance’ track is simply doing pure magic in my skull. The music is so incredible to the point that it is difficult to explain what I’m trying to tell you. It is just one of those tunes that you have got to hear and you will be feeling it. Feeling it deep in your pleasure centers were it will settle down and making you an addict to ‘Dance’. The electronic chill dance music is synthetic and comfortably hypnotic, and basically just really, really good Material Action!

In the perfectly fitting visuals of this organic irresistible dance music  we see the duo in their home. As you can see they have invested all their hardworking penny’s in their music material, which explains the lack of furniture and other household appliances. But really who needs a refrigerator if you have these wonderful synthesizers to trip on? In fact just by listening to this track you forget about food and other things, like going to the toilet. It is just one of those tunes that makes all other things redundant because the music is so incredible epic.
And with this video we have proof that the two music creators are seriously enjoying themselves with their own created sound trips!
You can just feel their enthusiasm flying out of the youtube screen, infecting everyone that is lucky enough to view and hear them.
These guys are living for their music and if the beat isn’t loud enough for their taste, they will kick the floor and ram their body-weight into the brick walls to get the sound that they were aiming for. I’m not making this up, it’s all in the video! Which you definitely should watch as it will flabbergast you with the whacked hypnotic sound and the great atmospheric video performance of Material Action!
Here it is people, click , view, volume up and just feel the awesomeness!


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