The Children’s Encyclopædia – The Strings That Make The Music

artist: The Children’s Encyclopædia
title: The Strings That Make The Music
format: CD / digital download
keywords: guitar/fx improv, abstract
label: 4-4-2 Music

‘Seeing what is not there’
My eyes are closed and my brain is subjected to the music of The Children’s Encyclopædia.
Luckily for the dear readers I have an certificate for blind typing, so we can continue this story together.
Let’s see, or not see what this music has planned to do with my brain?
I have to say that in the eternal darkness that hides between the closed eyelids some kind of super warm field is appearing. A warm field with strange guitar shaped animals that moan their awesome love calls in nothingness. Above them strange Cupid figures appear and with their tiny wings they rotate in wild circles upon the drowned guitar waves.

I see, but do not really see a strange sport-car leaving brake marks in the grass. It luckily fades away within the more calmer ray of spacious warmth that is trying to comfort my ears and feed psychedelics to my imaginative brain parts. Little lights flicker, they turn red and green and than make way for a surreal dark greenish sky. I see but do not see, an old man fixing the spades of a bicycle wheel.

Suddenly I do not see but rather feel the sound of music in my stomach. It is an strange combination of feeling hungry and going up and down in a fun fair attraction. The sound slides me up and down into a weird world down below. Is it really my own stomach making these sounds or is it actually a part of the music that makes this satisfactory ‘mmhs’ as if the sound is enjoying whatever it is visualizing by itself. Slowly the fun fair ride makes way for a slow encounter with beautiful fog with mysteriously sparkling crystals.

The view is fantastic over here and when my hand reaches out, the fog starts to sparkle along. Is this heaven or am I just going to deep in this audioscape? A slow moving breeze brings me to a new erea, there is a wasted jazzband member playing a muffled contrabass while playing a game of snooker at the same time. Another one cleans a broomstick and than softly but surely a sound of an dying alarm clock enters my skull.

The so called music has stopped and I guess it’s time to open the eyes again. What just happened? I guess ‘Seeing what is not there’ visualized itself quite extra ordinary. I wonder how the visuals would be in another state of mind, perhaps I can try and take this trip tomorrow again.

With ‘A Toy To Measure The Wind’ I think to use the same reviewers approach as the previous track. I hope that you don’t mind my blind typing and hope that this track will be  even more intriguing visual wise.

What? I’m in the commando chair on the main-deck of the USS Enterprise?! The crew is nowhere to be seen and all buttons are lighting up, while soft alarms are teaming up with them? I stand up and start to run through the empty hallways. I can’t seem to escape the alien noises that seemingly are trying to communicate through the spaceship internal alarm systems. I hear a laughing space hyena coming near me while lasers are shooting out of my nose as the alarm sounds start to transform into a hypnotic mass.

The walls are melting and strange microrobobugs are marching into my ears. They are wearing little red boots and mistakenly thought that my ears where some kind of portal to another dimension. The buzzing rhythm is warm but sounds more and more aggressive,  where the hell is captain Kirk and his crew when you’ll need him the most?! The hallway floor of the spaceship is melting and i’m slowly evacuated into deep space.

Wow, that was an unexpected trip!
This is the ideal safe audio experience for visual sound explorers! This release is available as a nicely packaged CD, or as an digital download. I would get the CD as this is one of those trippy audio-works that you should keep close at hand for in need of a lucid soundtrack!

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