Johanna Warren – My Storm

joartist: Johanna Warren
title: My Storm
keywords: folk, sing & songwriter, heart-music, video

Imagine having needles stuck through your eyebrows and both corners of your lips.. Wouldn’t that suck? Imagine them being attached with strings handled by a dark clothed figure.. Wouldn’t that suck even a little bit more? But imagine this situation and yourself dressed in a beautiful vintage dress with stunning red hair in some pretty woods.. Would that make the situation less sucky? Perhaps you are one of these people who like to be pulled around for a walk, who like the sensation of control.. I guess than this beautiful scenery wouldn’t suck after all.

But whatever rows your boat, sometimes music can make everything alright. Especially when it consist of the lovable sing and songwriter skills of the talented Johanna Warren.
The scenery of the mysterious puppet master and beautiful puppet in the woods is nothing less than the videoclip for her ‘My Storm’ single.
It’s a song taken from her ‘Fates‘ album that is out and available through iTunes (or Bandcamp). You can read an intensive review about it (annex love letter) over here. The song ‘My Storm’ is spellbinding  and the visualization  of it even takes the intensity up a notch.
Watch and hear Johanna Warren’s videoclip over here:


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