Various Artists – A Tribute To Satan (Siro666)

Various Artists - A Tribute To Satan

*Grooowwwlll* It is time… I have been summoned! Stare into the artwork for A Tribute To Satan and behold my dark glory. DO IT! *snarl*

Artists: Various
Title: A Tribute To Satan
Label: Sirona-Records
Cat#: Siro666
Keywords: Death Metal, Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Noise, Industrial, Hardcore, Drone, Experimental, Doom, Electronica, Grindcore, Other
Reviewer: Satan

We are in Hell… we see flames everywhere. Menacing daemons, too hideous to look upon, are lashing the souls of mortals whose faces are contorted permanently in pain and misery. Screams can be heard from all over; immaterial body souls drop from high places into lakes of fire, awaiting an eternity of punishment and despair…


Hey there! My name’s Satan. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve momentarily possessed this human blog of yours to bring you a review of an album that was so nicely dedicated to me! *Snaaarrrgggllleee* Anyway, I hope you don’t mind… but, as part of my duties as evil overlord of Hades, I’m going to have to critically decide which among these dark tributes are, well, dark enough to deserve a place in Hell beside me. I can already tell I’ve got my work cut out for me! *Aaaargggssshhhffff* As always, uh, hail me, I guess. 😉 *Huuurrrrgggg*

I’ll begin my review with the first track on CD1… let’s see, do I have a CD player around here someplace…

Satan finds the body of a mortal in torment and, ripping their jaw wide open, places the burned CD into his face and then forcefully closes his jaw as the human tearfully grimaces in everlasting pain

Ah, there we go! It should play soon… *Urrrssshhkkkklllleeee*

01 – MirrorriM – Ocean On Fire
Who the heaven told these mortal souls that their master digs hellish guitar riffs? This is sounding very unholy and aggressive! Its what you human beings might call ‘my cup of tea’. Earl Grey with a dash of METAL!!! *Gggggrrrrr*

02 – The Dark Electronic Poets – Satanic Waste
Poets? Who needs poets in a music compilation? Who let these guys in? Even naming calling me Satanic “Waste”!? I’ll pick their rumbling sounds up and throw them into Styx. Goodbye! *wwhraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah* This sounds very deep actually, maybe I’ll just let them party here for a little while.

03 – StruKtur – SATAN Showcase
All hell breaks loose! *OoooOOgggssshhhffff*
Who dare try to torture my fallen ears with such gruesome pain? These frequencies are not something to take lightly and I’m certainly not amused! How about bringing your mother to this hell hole and see if she likes the Satan Showcase you’ve produced.. ..For eternity! And you, my dear StruKtur, I’ll reward you for your courage to piss me off. I’ll guarantee a golden ticket to heaven where you will be forced to listen to harp music on repeat by flower throwing hippy’s in white dresses! *MuhahHahAha*

*Graaaagh* This horribly wonderful noise is flooding my ears! It sounds like my minions are lashing the souls of the damned again! Now I’m hearing some kind of bouncy gabber beat, I will tolerate no hooliganry in hell! To the shitpits with you!

05 – OsO4 – following the voice of
What is this infernal silence!? Now there’s a demonic choir, it sounds like dear old grandma Satan baking hell cookies. Ah, now there’s some NOISE! That’s much better *gahhrhhhrrrr* something to sink my teeth into… row after row of them, for all of eternity!

06 – Demolay – Four Sheep
Sheep!? There can be no sheep in hell, *aaaaarrrrrgghhh*!!! They are too fluffy and cuddly! This music is pleasant and quiet, thou hast not pleased thy dark lord! The flies buzzing around the desecrated thralls might enjoy this, but not I!

07 – The Wretched Corpse Anatomy – Agression
This is more my style… dark, harsh, death metal! I’ll have to chain-mail this one to Lucifer, Bael, Lucille Baal, Beelzebubsie and all my other daemonic friends! *Yaaaarrrrggth*

08 – Master Toad – Hidden in Dark Tone
*cough*… *RRRRRRRRaaaaarrrrrsh* this noise sounds like the pathetic whimpering of sad alien creatures… 1,000 more lashings for the thralls!!! Well… I guess it’s kind of noisy… ok, I’ll let Master Toad hang out in Hell with his dark lord for a little while.

09 – Painburn – beat is cold
I’ll dance to these cold beats when hell freezes over!!! Actually, this is kind of nice, and reminds me of the Curse-tal Method or the Chemical Burn Brothers. It’s far too nice for Satan, though. Honestly, I just never learned to dance 😥 *grrrwnoaaaarrng* You’ve made Satan cry… you will burn for eternity!!!

10 – Vanth – King of the slaves
It sounds like there are dark bells ringing in the black church. Who does Vanth think they are declaring themselves King of the Slaves!? Only I, Satan, am… oh, well it is a track dedicated to me. I shall bake these brownies in the E-Z Bake Oven-Pits of Hell!

11 – Demenseed – A Journey Along the Shores of Styx
This time of year, surfs up on the river Styx, which is a lot like the beaches of your mortal world. Except on fire. And filled with the souls of the damned. This sounds like some black metal, I’m riffing hard on this shit. *Satan plays air guitar* Yeeeaaaahyeaaa!!! *whaaaooorrrgghhh* I shall reserve a place for Demenseed in the hierarchies of Hell!

12 – Noisesurfer – Online Satan Worshiping Social Networks
*whoooooorggggggggh* A big hooray for Noisesurfer! He knows how to spread the word of evil around the pesky globe. Even spoken in my native language, this is the inverted paramount of worshipping! I’ve come a long way since GeoCities! But, what is this noise!? It’s awesome! You hath pleased your dark lord! You can hear a recording of my voice growling over all of the gurgling noises!

13 – Buffalo Pink – Show Me Your Spherical Side
There are no spheres in hell!!! Only sharp edges; pain, and torment! Isosceles triangles and shit! It sounds like some harpy is playing a glockenspiel, and there’s a stomping death march, sickly drones. There’s a squeaky synth… Satan is not amused… *shhhhrrroooooggggg* … but I’ll dance to it… on the backs of mortal souls!

14 – Alpha Hydrae – 666 secondes for Satan
666 seconds!? Mwaahahaha– *snort* you’ll be here forever, mortal! Black metal dirges, some wild shredding. There’s a daemon by the name of A.S. who tells me this is so far his favourite of the metal tracks on this compilation. I’m feeling particularly evil while listening to it so shall grant Alpha Hydrae… the privilege of being fed to Leviathan!

15 – Dr NoiseM – Evil Surrounds Us
*Aaaarrrrrghhh* this is noisy!!! For Dr NoiseM, I prescribe…a penitent stroll through our gardens of garbage, mwaahahahaha!!!

16 – goreky – madness
This is indeed the sound of an unspeakable evil glued together out of the tinfoil hat of goreky. I mean, goreky must know that I really hate dance music. I never understood these preachers claiming that dance music is the sound of the devil, how the monstrous flying fuck would they know about what I like and what not like? Fuck, but listening to this madness I must say that my tale is wiggling on these rhythms and the satanic happy melodies are quite making me feel festive, as if its indeed my birthday! … You know what would even be a nicer gift? goreky dancing forever to his own track like a little speed up puppet on strings! Muhaha!!

17 – Hectic Head – Regan
I… know I might be Satan and all, but… there’s something about this track that… makes me kind of emotional. It’s like Hectic Head gets me, you know? Depressing choirs, noise drones, the chatter and screams of possessed girls, babies crying. It’s really nice to find someone who understands. I’ll award Hectic Head a dukeship in Hell and command of a small fleet of daemons…

… ah, and that’s the end of CD1! I guess I’ll have to change discs, just give me a moment here…

Satan squeezes the head of the mortal disc player and it explodes with gore. The body slumps over, dead, the soul to respawn elsewhere in Hell to relive it’s anguish perpetually. Satan looks around for another mortal soul and, finding one, shoves CD2 up his ass, forcefully thrusting nearly his entire arm into him. The mortal only winces and groans slightly (in life, he was known as Goatse).

There… the next disc should begin shortly… I can’t wait!!!

01 – Christus – Burying the god
Ah, there it is! Let the mortal soul scream, destroy his vocal chords for my pleasure! Hammer in my name and say it loud while I, your horned master, drills your ass! This track by Christus comes as an nice surprise, considering the fact that its made by Christus. I really love the glorifying obade that is going on over here. I think to reward Christus with this sickness of a tribute song with an demonic love triangle with two red hot chilly octopuses that will satisfy every hole of his body with each tentacle until great orgasms will occur with blood and boiling oil!

02 – Kamikaze Deadboy – Deus Est Mortuus
What is this? Is my belly in search for food? AH Kamikaze Deadboy is here. I always had an eye on that deadboy’s brain. Just when I forgot about him, here he is sending me an audio reminder. What can I say this doomed sound that smells of the poisonous perfumes of the graveyard ground are laying comfortable in my ears. But its so short, it just kinda pisses me off. I should send some demon to earth right as this whole tribute shit is finalized to pick up Kamikaze Deadboy so I can munch on his brain. I can’t wait to put some birthday candlelight into it and share it with the burning hookers of the night! Oh let it be tasty!

03 – [[[SE AM RIP PER]]] – your screams mean nothing to me
This track captured an innocent scared human in a way that I like them. Crying like a little twat full of fear. The deep base sound and drastic strangeness is also appealing to me. But what I like the most is the screams that are captured here. They simply compliment the awesome music that you have created over here. It is bloody original and damn you, I’ll wave my tale on those fine dubsteppy horrific music of yours. Give me more of this crying please!

04 – subQtaneous – Daily Grind
The smell of industrial rock, the beautiful singing voices that remind me of my personal demons, the laid back guitar that is loud but funky, it’s all good! Please guys, keep on going like this! Daily Grind is 666% approved by your devilish lord and saviour.

05 – Gebrom – Geitenschijterij
Goat shitting is my favorite pastime. Gebrom really tickles my little fingers with his deep growling track. Welcome to Hell! Can I adopt you? *shrrrrrrrreeeaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhh*

06 – Icolmkill – Spiderbearded Satan Boy
The soundcrushing guitar sounds like the screams of my pet slave Hitler when he screams when I shoot my load through his eye socket! The sounds of burning pain and screaming on the top of the lungs are a delicate pleasure for the gruesome sodomite mind.

07 – Josef Nadek – Yaji Ash-Shuthath
Rotten to the core, this dark alley of sound is a nice moment of silence before the storm of intensive soul crushing pain. The nasty crackles that dwelm slowly in this track of yours are a certain mix between pleasure and pain. It’s so nice and depressing, something that your master loves.

08 – Robotic Joe – Darkness
Robotic Joe what is this for most evil work you have decorated my gates of hell with? I do not know what is happening to me but this is probably the most insanest tribute to my persona that I’ve ever heard! Probably the craziest one on this compilation and I must say even if it isn’t very Satan like to admit it, it definitely made me slime of happyness! It’s a horrible feeling but for once it felt good! Robotic Joe, you are the light hearted cake on this madness of a compilation and certainly a nice fresh breath of air! Ha, I did not know that I actually had humor, but you certainly have cracked the key and made me smirk with joy! Muhaha this is a genius wicked track! I’m laughing so hard, I can’t even make up a death sentence of pain and suffering!

09 – Toxic Chicken – The Child Of Satan
What? I have another spawn? This one certainly wails much less than my infernal prince, though it does pulse with life. Listening to Toxic Chicken, I feel as if I have a hellbird’s-eye view of my pit of eternal anguish. I hear the hustle and bustle of my demons, hard at work torturing the multitudes of the damned; the plod as sinners are crushed beneath the weight of their malfeasance. Indeed, Toxic Chicken has reminded that Hell itself is my child, and it makes me so proud. I am so thankful for being reminded of this fact: I will have to tell my minions to take it easy on him for a century or two.

10 – R. Lobster – Zatan
Something that sounds as if it stamps, crushes and pulls out lungs and other inner organs of his fellow mortal slaves is surely something that is a pleasure for the twisted mind. But who is this Zatan you named this track after? Is it my long lost and burned industrial twin sister? How is she? And with other words, I thought this compilation was a tribute about me, not my freaking runaway sister! R. Lobster your lungs will be pulled out through your asshole on the same time shredding robotic way you have pulled this track together. Thanks and enjoy your well deserved doom down in the flames!

Of course I am you little insect! No matter what extreme cut-up gabber violence you bring forth, you will never question my majesty. I cast you into my lake of fire, where my demons will enjoy dissecting you and rearranging the gristle that was once your corporal form in new macabre shapes, as you have done with this track. *ggggrrrrrruuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhh*

12 – Death Grips – Blood Creepin (Mega Bunneh Remix)
This is painstakingly loud and harsh and hyper. What the fuck are you on? I hope the drugs will speed up your highway ticket to my fine burning flames of hell. I like what you have done here as it is absolutely hard and mental, If it converts enough innocent lives into my worshippers I might not burn you on the steak for destroying my sensitive hearing systems. Thank you for this awesome tune!

13 – Sven Meyer – Satan`s Kitchen
This sounds exactly like that lost soul who roams the corners of hell for poking fun at me.. What’s his name? Ah, yes Bill Hicks! But you did make it sound at times like Bill Hicks in the frying pan while turning around on a fairy’s wheel. It sounds like it wants to be evil so badly, but actually a elephant would have sound more unholy when it will squeeze the air from his stinking trunk. I’m sorry Sven Meyer but you’ll be next in the cooking pot in my extremely hot and brewing kitchen!

14 – Janmeeba – The Cave Of Elder Angry Hangers
The problem with my hell is that it looks as ilfall the mosquito’s also end up here. There is one bugging my head now with it’s annoying buzz, Ah but what’s that? It makes a high hat? and then a louder noise? Ah, I remember it now, it’s the curse of the cave of elder angry hangers that is buzzing up around my head again. The artist who is responsible should be hanged angrily, while mosquito’s terrorize every inch of the burning body, with special focus to its sexual organs!

15 – glasscarpenter – Constellation
What is this cold breeze that is bugging my ears? I thought that my Hell should be considered hot, hot as in burning flames ? Who is responsable around here? Oh wait it’s not actually what I’ve thought it was. It’s the last track of cd2 of the tribute to nobody less than myself. It’’s still cool and cold but I can appreciate the sinister underlying tones that this producer has created for me. It does make me feel a bit sleepy,.. Whooooaaarrggg

Could it be that the second CD hath ended!? I shall now move on to the third… Ah, here’s a disc player…

Satan gently inserts the disc into the tray as Goatse walks away, the second disc still stuck in his anus

I think I hear something…

01 – Iranon – Naked Bones
I love how depressive this sounds. I hate myself for loving anything, so I’ll be better rip the skin from your flesh as a reward for making me happy dear Iranon. Your title gives me idea’s for pleasurable torture. How about a fine steak alla leg? I’m loving this way too much as this sounds excellent, which really deserves lots of pain and awfullness! Iranon I’ll reward you with your own slave when you’ll arrive on my doorstep. Do what you want, but make sure it suffers more than yourself!

02 – Darkened Monestary – Smoke At The Devil’s Chimney
Oh Darkened Monestary, I’m liking what you have donated in my name. The black smog, the hot flames of these precious dirty rawness are making me feel sinful! This is exactly what makes me want to get out there and throw the fresh souls down in the Hell fire!

03 – Dick Van Troglodyte – Ghouly Goes Gospel
My influence is bound into the very fabric of your species! From back when you were subhuman cave dwellers, I had my grip on you, so it is nice that this particular troglodyte pays tribute to that heritage with this ritualistic gospel. That enchanting feeling that arises within your breast as the repetitive beat and odd atmospheric sounds swirl around you is my subtle evil reawakening the blood truth deep in your heart. *muahahahaaaaaaaa*

04 – Alex Spalding – Hell Is A Heartbeat
What is this? I’m not hearing anything? Just the regular daily sound of hell where suffering souls are getting hit while they attempt to to crawl out of the fire. Ah, wait there is actual music in there too that doesn’t sound so familiar. Nah, Alex Spalding I don’t know how you got to Hell and went back and served the evidence to me on a tribute compilation, but don’t you think it’s taking the piss? Nobody, I tell You Nobody is out to enter Hell without my permission and to my knowledge you ain’t sinner-ish enough to have ever deserved a glimp of my wonderful ghoulish home! I hope that you’ll never ever die and that your nights will be filled with terrible returning nightmares of infinite suffering!

05 – Leonardo Urbani – Souls Of Satan
I don’t know if you know it Leonardo Urbani, but my devils ears are kind of shredded by listening to all these tribute tracks from you mortals and the Rolling Stones. I really had to crush the soul of the crappy record player harder with my hot rod to actually hear that you have actually did made some music in my honor and not just send in an empty track to piss me off. It’s good to hear some ambience in hell, although I’m kind of more into pain and suffering. Please do make notes for your next tribulation to your master.Or you can just donate your soul and we don’t talk about it anymore, shall we?

06 – Grímsvötn – Bringing More Hell Than The Devil Himthself
I see my little acolyte has his eyes on my throne. Well, with these grim kvlt depressive black metal vibes, full of pained howling and tremolo guitar, he is surely at home in the stygian depths. It saddens me to lose such a talent, but treason is treason – he can keep Judas, Brutus, and Cassius company in the ninth circle as I gnaw their flesh for eternity.

07 – Black Shoegaze Countdown – SW8
*gggrrrrrrraaaaaauuuuuuuuuggggghhhh* Ahem … I really should take a cough drop, but they are forbidden in hell – no relief allowed, even to the devil himself! However, my hellish throat clearing is appropriate because that is what listeners will experience through the harsh noise wall incantation of Black Shoegaze Countdown. No change or movement, just pure static suffering! “SW8” is a perfect primer for one’s damned eternity. On a side note, I can’t stop gazing at these shoes… they’re kind of sexy… how do you mortals even get those things over your hooves?

Indeed, I prefer all of my minions to be satanic motherfucking zombies: they exhibit fervent blasphemy, engage in damning incestuous relations with their matriarch, and they mindlessly follow my commands. How thoughtful of DEADSKIN to compose such digi-grind insanity dedicated to my flock of choice! This spastic work, featuring additional elements of screamo and electronica, will surely lead young people with attention deficit disorder into damnation, as it jumps back in forth across genres and meters, perfect for those with an insatiable thirst for stimulation, which will soon be infinite and painful.

09 – 2nnt – Armhellpit
Ahh! What is going on over here? are my devil ears hearing what I think it is? Is this the tribute from 2nnt? This hardcore overdestorted harshness is adorable. IIt reminds me of all these lost souls who have been driven to my layers by drug use and satanic beat orientated music. But why 2nnt made it so short? And for Gods (pardon my faul language) is it called Armhellpit? Is this some kind of joke? Or rather an invitation to hang out in my body odour forever and ever?

10 – Rapacious Pretense – Roger Dean- Firestarter, Punkin’ Instigator
Breakbeats with some twists and hints of hardcore. The gateways to hell are full of it and Satan is loving it! Get me some dead breakdancers over here and let them dance on the hot plates! Or boil them in a soup of old sweaty socks. This stuff has some fine mental bits that deserves some extra entertainment.

11 – Ninja16 – A sense of Evil
I know it’s not something you come across daily, but yes, Satan can dance! Not very long, just a couple of seconds, but it certainly happens that something grabs me so much that I feel like making some moves. Ninja16 made it happen!

12 – Sascha Müller – Armageddon
Let’s see who we have here? Ah, more legendary than me and that old bearded guy who hides himself between the clouds.. It’s the legendary satanist friendly Sascha! I remember how he came to me as a little boy. His soul was bought without any problem in return of the extra ordinairy underground dance skills . His music has been around and he never stops! I wish him well! Thank you very much for your tribute my son, this catchy dance track will make everyone jump straight to the gates of Hell… I can’t thank you enough!

13 – BASSOOKAH – Satan Pimps Sluts In Hell
And so what? What the Hell is your problem Bassookah? I like to keep my business private and you have to rub it all in my face ? Yes I exploid sluts here, but pimping them? No, my friend.. I Pimp pimps in o sluts! Those dudes will be at the receiving end in my world! But still your music is pretty sick, especially the moment when everything goes a bit mental. Can’t wait to have you here in my arms, Bassookah.. I’m going to pimp the hell out of your pretty face! We gonna have a real good time, trust me.. muhahaha

14 – Hollywood Video Game Kill-Bot – Conform To Your Soul
ah, experimental music.. I never know what to think about it really. After all I’m Satan and all that. I mean of course I loved pacman , but these retro game sounds my friend.. they are so friendly.. I prefer know ,the more bloody sounds, the painful ones.. Yes, like that guitar that you have got in there.. Still thank you for donating this track in my honor though. It’s really thoughtful of you. I might not accept you in Hell after your death, but still you know; I keep the door open for you, just in case.

15 – EXEDO – sophism
EXEDO!! You my friend are one Hell of an artist! I don’t like to admit it, but I’m quite a fan of your drastic audio torturous works! I play it to the fresh souls that just arrived here. It gives them such a facial expression that is pure priceless. Really, please continue with making these harsh tracks. Satan loves you, you know?

Well.. DJ KAOS is in the house.. but damn you, your title is more interesting than the actual track you had made in my honor. Am I that boring too you? Is this the kind of music your master would appreciate? This lengthy harshness should rather be played loudly among the humanoids on planet earth than in my layers of horror. Or did you wanted to try to nodd me of to sleep? muhahaha DJ KAOS when will you arive at my gates? I will torture your ears with classical music and cheesy pop music!

17 – Muddy Muff – 666
This is a dream come true, seriously. My special number delivered in a fantastic song! Thank you Muddy Muff,, can’t have enough of your stuff!

… is that all that is on the third CD or is this CD player just a piece of infernal shit!?!? Graaaghnrffffrnthh!!!

Satan hurls the sanyo disc player against the cavernous walls of Hades where it shatters into several cheaply made pieces

Maybe I’ll just listen to the last disc in my car.

Satan climbs into his red Grand Marquis de Sade and pops the CD into the head unit.

I am ready–rrrRgrowl!!!

01 – Black Osiris – Inauguration
Hands up in the air! Satan is feeling this! Oh yeah! Yeah!! This smells like leather jackets, long hair and skulls of death! Great propagandic lyrics, good filth! Can I, as Satan, be the headline of your fanclub? Look forward to see you in hell, dudes! muhahaha!!

02 – (((…))) – all hail natas!
These scraping noises, they remind me that my private toilet needs replacement. Are there any new slaves here who like to get some fresh natas juice pooped in their eyelids? This track is really comfortable, perfect material to hear while hanging out my brown sculptures in an unwilling lost soul. Really nice clustering of sounds, . Satan approves this doomed work!

03 – LOCI – luna leviathan
Really you guys are fantastic! I really shouldn’t feel so festive with these dark mysterious sounds that you have made over here, but I sincerely do feel festive. I’m slightly overwhelmed really by it’s sick beauty. You made this for me,? The beast of beast? Slayer of kings and masterchef of barbeque? This track really flatters me as it is a really interesting piece of music that reminds me of my followers in India. Great sound, LOCI! It makes me all emotional and all that..

04 – Sequencer Prototype – Apostle
This got me by surprise! I thought at first what is this sentimental shit? But then suddenly your inner demon came out to rock my world of hell fire. I love how the drums slam everything and how the guitars are killing everyone sufficiently. This is the stuff that your unholy ruler of the underground loves! When you will arrive in my hell, I’ll make sure to have some zombie giving you a V.I.P. treatment. Cookies and chocolate in Hell, who had thought that it could happen?

05 – Der Domestizierte Mensch – Das hat der Teufel Dir gesagt!
Der Domestizierte Mensch has always proven from its musical start to be a perfect disciple of my arts, and with this track he makes me feel proud to have him in on my special list of worshippers. The track he does the unspeakable thing of making a church session sounds unholy with creative use of robotic demon voice interpretations and of course a loveable noise!

06 – PL433 – Satan is a proletarian
PL433 really crushes the sense of music in a rhytmic harshness that can only be loved and adored. I do hate love, but in this case, hate is such a relative word to express myself. This extreme noise fest is very loud and I must say that I would like to play this one to my inhabitants who have been burning in the flames, as perhaps.. a little reward for all their infinite burning.

07 – Doomettes – Silver Tongued Devil (Coming For David Walters)
Such an honor to have Doomettes here on this tribute! I know it is horrible to see my face spotting a smile, but it’s just happening. The strange pulsing rawness that Doomettes have captured here are making me feel good in my stomach. I have arranged something for your arrival in Hell, dear Reed. I have made some space for you to perform on a daily basis these fantastic live shows of yours. Seriously, it’s an offer you cannot refuse!

08 – Nurses With Knives- Family Of Flies Upon The Rotten Corpse
This tune by Nurses With Knives is something that I personally feel excited about! It’s an gruesome world of evil eerie sounds and it really feels great while being played loudly. You can just hear the horror!

09 – Satanik Nekro Forest – The Blackest Of Legions (2012 Demo Mixed)
What’s this soft noise that disturbs my listening session? Oh wait, it is the actual track of Satanik Nekro Forest. Let me adjust the volume a bit, ahhh.. Yes, that’s better! A little short, but still nice! Thanks a lot!

10 – Flat Affect – Turmoil (Clipped from a life of hell)
Ah, my good mortal soul Flat Affect! Know I have the opportunity to speak to you personally before your long awaited arrival in the layers of hell, I wanted to thank you for tattooing my face on your body. That’s really a nice thing to do and I really appreciate it my friend! I wish more people would follow your example. Also thank you for this lightweight track, it’s good to have some fresh air in between all these sounds. Before I go, I just wanted to let you know that you are actually already in Hell. So think about it, with your family life and good times partying, it isn’t that bad at all, eh? But trust me, when you will be here with me, I will not let you down. In fact I have the plan to send you back as a zombie to lead the upcoming apocalypse. It’s going to be so much fun!

11 – T.R.I.v.M. – The Invocation
The mind of T.R.I.v.M. is one that interest me. One day I really hope to see him here in my hot kingdom and shake his hand with my devil claws. From the depths of Hell I’ve been hearing lots of his musical outputs and just like this track he so kindly donated to me, the fallen angel, he brings the best of twisted darkness. This is like ancient magic heavy influenced on the stench of fear and demonic catacomben . Thank you T.R.I.v.M. can’t wait to meet you in person .

12 – Dethcentrik – Demon Escort Into Hell
Let the demonic drumrolls roll,, let the sound of hiss give me a good scrub and let this fine demon escort more troubled souls into Hell! Just follow the vibrant noise coming from Dethcentrik’s flute, as if he is a modern day pied piper!

13 – Projects – A Murder
Who is laughing there? Is it me or is it that evil black bird again? Ah wait its the delicate sound of evil and the glorification of another person slaughtered to death! A murder! There is nothing more enjoyable than a murder in the name of Satan! Ritual murdering there isnt anything else that can satisfy me or my ears! Projects really creates a very nice musical interpretation of evil laughs that could express the joy on the killers face! This was what I needed to hear!

14 – W! Re – Summer Of Hell
Do you remember what you did last summer? I did the same thing as the summer before. Experiencing a summer of Hell. One day I would like to have the sun come closer to earth and burn all the humans in the pre-heat, before turning them over into my underground world. Unfortunately time is passing by and this isn’t really going to happen, but luckily W! Re has recorded the sounds of flames and heath. It is a comforting sound and it is totally appreciated.

15 – Exclamation Point – Odio
Talking about sounds that my monstrous ears like to hear. Exclamation Point really delivers the sounds of a disturbing fantasized Hell. Of course the sounds in the actual hell are a lot worse, but still it really comes close! Nice job, Odio! How many people did you sacrifice for creating this track? Please when you come to Hell, don’t forget to bring your recording devices!

16 – djozr – zodacare od zodameranu
After all the darkness and gruesome sounds I must say that this track by djozr is simply a pure delight. A calm flow of prominent sound that opens up and a beautiful well spoken demon appears to speak his wonderful words.

17 – Pollux – h3ll
Pollux, my dear innocent friend. Thank you so much for organizing this tribute. You know that this is probably the kindest thing that ever happened to me in my entire existence. . They always do terrible things in my name, like sacrificing and murder and other things alike.Never did I endure an act that comes of kindness. In fact I have tried to be cruel but this gift, this 4 CD long compilation in my honor , as done something with me. Something I shouldn’t probably say too loud, as I have an angry reputation going on, but your generosity and the enthusiastic group of musical contributors have affected me greatly. I have changed into a more kinder devilish creature. I feel that with this compilation I had the chance to talk personally to my followers, my fans and lovers.. To feel and hear their interpretations of what I would like and what not. Some things weren’t my thing, but most of them were. And above all, I really feel like I made some friends, you know? I mean I seriously hope to see everyone that made something for this compilation, in my dark and cosy warm flames of Hell. I would all give them a special V.I.P treatment on arrival! The barbeque is on me! And whoever is in the mood to rape a pimp can freely do so! … But yet again, I can’t thank you enough Pollux. You kindness is stronger than my evil big time egocentric ego, and with this I salute you! Thank you for your wonderful dark sounding tribute and.. shit.. I’m crying man! Unholyfucks! You made me cry, now you must burn in … . Ah, sorry , just lost my temper a bit.. Thanks Buddy. XXX Satan.

18 – Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – what would elizabeth do
Me and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt go a long way. I remember you so well, you came to me with the question how to gain a very special talent. With a certain payment that is not totally fulfilled I gave you the power of ‘the accidental guitar’ method. And look at you now, you have totally mastered it and almost exclusively. It is such an pleasure to have you here with an exclusive track. It’s really a nice ending of this unique gift. I would even call it ‘a happy ending’.

Now all of the discs are done! Surely this, above all, is a sign of the coming end! There is nothing that can stop this, mwaaahahaha!!!

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