Various Artists – You Might Have Heard Of Us… Vol. 1

artists: Various
title: You Might Have Heard Of Us… Vol. 1
keywords: various music made by artists with odd names
label: Pimpmelon Records

You might have heard of us…
…or probably not considering our ridiculous name!
This is a series of compilation albums dedicated to those bands and artists who use absurd names, lengthy names, use of ASCII and other weird symbols, and more.

We are all just so very lucky to review this compilation before the arrival of Christmas! The first band with the weird name has surprisingly supplied a Christmas themed song! I must admit not being a fan of the whole festive season, (reunions, turkeys being slaughtered, trees chopped-decorated-and-than-burned, fireworks poisoning the planet and this fake sense of peace and harmony, oh and father Christmas.. Really can’t stand the man!) But this original song provided by MSP and the Moo is actually melting my heart and somehow infiltrating with a adorable christmas spirit. In other words: Hell, I love this song! It has some lovely memorable melodies and is perfectly suitable for the entire family. The vocals are pretty and relaxed & I might consider joining this year festivities if it is all like the friendly vibes that this song contains! HoHoHo! Merry Pre-Christmas everybody! HoHoHo!

Ha! That’s an nice coincidence! The next following artist who is named O{-K is a close and dear relative of mine! His name says it all, he is one of those people that is always OK. This is true even with his piano orientated improvisation over here! It’s all OK, nothing more and nothing less.

The next odd named artist is the unpronounceable
¿ρø®řåℓ☼ќΔ? , the track that this producer brought to this freak-show of an compilation is not so much OK, but rather strange and obviously weird. I’m not sure if I have to call an doctor, a cop or animal protection. It is a short track with some kind of crazy monster that is giggling for some unknown reason. It might be meth, it might be just creativity!

The next candidate is ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ . I don’t consider it a really weird name as it is just thai lettering. It is pronounceable as ‘si’ and probably stands for ‘color’. But don’t count your bets on it, as Thai lettering is still killing me every day. The track on itself is what you call lightweight experimental stuff. It’s nice, but I must admit I wasn’t really paying a lot attention because my brain was still translating. Sorry about that!

But please readers stay tuned as the next weird named artist deserves a medal and a standard ovation for it’s weirdness. The name? ‘
Walter Eggbert’s Horrendous Gallbladder Operation Was Televised Live on Sony ++TV++’. The track? Noise to the world! Gates of Hell, I’m getting bold! Pure insanity in the form of a vocalist having a mental breakdown! I obviously love it, hope you will enjoy this madness too!

‘ Soar With the Eagle and Fly With the Flock
‘ is more an poetic name than anything else, but the music is more of an electronic weirdness kind than actual poetry.  Think about loud technoid dance music with experimental twists.

Than it’s time to meet another inspiring lengthy artist name. It is ‘ Those Face-Eaters Who Would Feast on the Remnants of the Nuclear Apocalypse’and brings some fine breakbeats and baselines to the scenery. Let’s dance your fancy hats off!

The artistic looking artist name ♏◍ɲⓄ ㄚ∑ㄅ ∆ῳ▲ℾξ delivers a really strange track that sounds like nothing I have heard before. It’s electronic, chilled out, happy and dark at the same time. I think the artist brings back the dance into ‘Ceme†ary Drowning.’

One artist who is  a prominent part of the underground scene is TOTAL E.T.R.I.v.MutanT.R.I., here he delivers an lengthy ‘Triple Noixe’ that seems to flourish with spacious rapid energy among a atmosphere of death and decay.

Than 당신은 우리의 들었을 수도… takes over with a source of pure loudness that seems to bashing its way through the speakers. Are we the whiteness of someone trapped in a snowstorm screaming for help or cursing the weather?

Last but not least we have the noise project ‘Shooting Birds Out the Sky. The tune (UT 6x) is deep and dashing with dark industrial sounding enforcement. Like a machine that has been invented to make the most bombastic noise and boils hot water (like a kettle) at the same time.
The tea is finished, and so is this wondrous compilation of strange named artists that you might have had heard of before.
Click on the following link to get this very vibrant collection of mostly weirdo’s and their diverse musical output:

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  1. if you liked the track by “Walter Eggbert’s Horrendous Gallbladder Operation Was Televised Live on Sony ++TV++ {it was so popular it had to be done again}” then you may like it’s track on here

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