Knoxious – gagarin

Screen Shot 2556-11-30 at 12.59.46 PMartist: Knoxious
title: gagarin
keywords: stoner rock, punk

Fanatic cartoon animals are shooting an great amount of shit out of their cute assholes.
They are not sitting on toilets or holes in the ground, no they prefer to bend over and aim their behinds at an awesome new band that features Chris Knox and Rackets.
Die hards as they are, they receive the great amount of fruity shit while not giving an inch.
They are busy playing their single ‘pagarin’ and they don’t care how hard the melons and tomato’s will hit them in their faces or belly’s. They are proving to be indestructible and determined to finish this energetic new song of theirs! The most amazing thing is that they play in what looks like slow motion, which gives a great effect with the hyper rush of energetic rock that they are playing.
This is a sickly good tune! And attached to this wicked video it is simply easy to fall for the infinite loop! I mean you just find yourself hitting the repeat button over and over again, while rocking out on this awesome track! By clicking on repeat you will be able to learn their original own invented ‘lip’ dance and that it’s fun to destroy!
Watch the spectacular video of a band that isn’t impressed by the tough crowd,
over here with your ears wide open (and perhaps some rotten fruit for if you feel like joining in the fun):


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