Andy Rantzen – Let Them All In

artist: Andy Rantzen
title: Let Them All In
keywords:  dark, minimal electro, alternative
label: 4-4-2 Music

Let Them All In, deep baselines and beats first, Andy’s voice a little bit later.
This is the material for a scene of alternative electronica orientated clubbers. The ones that demand lyrics and strange obscure deepness to effect them to buy booze, pills and shovel around the corners, slightly dancing while swiftly sipping their alcoholic beverages.
Andy Rantzen’s voice is reticular and fascinating, he puts a whispering sinisterness to these minimal electronic dances.

Just like the face on the front cover, you can just imagine yourself surrounded in the dark corners of the club, getting loaded on Dutch Courage to slowly but certainly start a slow dancing frenzy. The face speaks of substance abuse, but the music’s prominent pushing beats that hail from the dark side of electronica, will just turn everything slowly in one moving minimal mass.
The tracks are all cool, short like little punks, and very electro fetish friendly.

One big personal minus point upon listening for me was that the words by Andy Rantzen come across a bit too much overruled by the prominent base and beats. Which makes it perhaps of course more creepy, (as if Andy whispers the lyrics in your neck), but unfortunately makes it rather difficult to enjoy the actual lyrics to the full extent while passing through my home stereo speakers. I guess, it’s maybe a problem with my setup over here, that can’t deal with the mastering of this record,
although I did not encounter this problem before.

But perhaps this record is just not really made for playing at home, as it just wants to go out, being played at extremely loud  volumes in those dark alternative clubs where freaks hang out together with the wannabe’s, in search for fun and getting mashed up. The baselines are so deep and moving that everyone will probably bubble along on them quite well. So if you know a club like this; than please do invest in this danceable groovy dark electro record and make sure it gets played as it is intended! Loud, loaded and preferable in the dark!

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