loopool – Auto Synth Quartet

artist: loopool
title: Auto Synth Quartet
cat: SPNet 127
keywords: drone, ambient, dark ambient, experimental
label: SP www.sprecordings.com

Upside down, under influence of something, everything is weird, bizarre,  strange and blood is flooding to the top of the head that hangs the closest to the ground. This release by loopool contains 4 tracks that gives each and every listener a feeling of absurd session of the upside down syndrome. It is quite a lengthy release so it might just happen that you would be hanging there for quite a while and perhaps see some hallucinations along the way. It is quite possible that this so called experimental music with it’s seemingly minimalism will drive every sane person slowly but certainly effectively into a state of insanity.
These sounds that come out they vibrate and bounce of the walls while frequencies are being beamed in between the middle parts.
Trust me, I try my best to describe what this release is all about and what it actually does to the system, but it is a complicated task. Loopool just created this record that is truly effective in making a sane person go absolutely mental, not wild wild strangeness, but more with a calm resolute amount of chosen minimalism that is layer down in such a way that it just creates some kind of havoc in the balance system.
It is not something you can come across every day, music that makes everything upside down, but when you do it can be a thrill or quite a difficult position to hold through. If you are of a young age, it is of course lots of fun to go to the playground and swing yourself upside down and see the world in a different view, but when your older it might be something less comfortable for longer periods of time.
Whatever loopool was trying to produce here within this release, it isn’t the easiest release to bite through. But let my opinion not stop you to  try out this strange music with your own ears and provoke your balance system in the upside down world at the following link:

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