Gimcrack / Subversive Intentions – Trash Test Dummy EP

artists: Gimcrack / Subversive Intentions
title: Trash Test Dummy EP
keywords: noise, plunder phonics, sound collage, 8-bit, punk, glitch
label: EAT-SOAP

Fasten your seat-belts as we might slip on a glitch or a banana peel! Hold on tight as we get a fine treatment of trashy electricity shots and hints of small town music that gets some  beatings in a hissy way.

Cut the seat-belts in multiple pieces as ‘novocain two two’ deserves some free movement. This glitchy rhythm moves the broken bones enthusiastically. Machine gun grooving is the way to go and spastic fantastic is the way to dance. This is some groovy shit and that must be bizarre considering the craziness.

With ‘makeshift’ we hear what is happening inside. The sweet sounds of crackles, broken connections and weird charming sound outtakes are glued together for our educational purposes.

The last and probably the most controversial track on this trashy test for dummies ride is the work featuring the chopped up Engelbert Humperdinck. What else does a person wants?
get this glitchy collaboration over here:

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