HUMANHATE666 – constructive destruction

artist: HUMANHATE666
title: constructive destruction
keywords: experimental, drone, noise, electronic
label: Attenuation Circuit

Like a bang from hell the ‘constructive destruction’ release by HUMANHATE666 starts to play.
A rhythmic droned out noise field sinks deep in the skull and keeps its hostage to play the music that never was. Everything is absorbed an annihilated in the hellfire of audio manipulation. It isn’t an harsh experience, but it will get more twisted as the record will evolve in the rather crazy meltdown that is called ‘warped space time continuum. This track is almost 21 minutes in length and might be relative to techno but rather more likely to the hate of this genre. It feels like a massive sinkhole has opened an entrance to hell and everyone who had listen to rhythmic music is out to get sucked in to be lost forever. A huge sound that would be preferable to big stadium play is menacing the ears with pure human hate. This is not for the faint hearted as the music is getting more and more disturbing and twisted. The ears are treated with a brainstorm full of demons and flames that will taunt the brain into a state of insane madness. Organs will drive the disturbance even more over the edge and guarantees a mental breakdown.  The never ending flow of adrenaline that gets released while listening to this constructive destruction is simply massive and this in combination with the actual vast amount of insane sounds will drive every sane person straight into an episode of insanity.
When you think it can’t get any harder or nastier, HUMANHATE666 will proof you wrong by pushing the tournament to the limits!

The ‘jug-u-lord track on this compilation is a relative source of rest compared to the warped space time continuum we just visited before. Around 2 minutes high pitched tones will fade up in the looping drone of darkness. They slowly seem to hypnotize the ears while at the same time successfully killing your hearing systems with slight noised out tickles of torture. There is something really evil about this overly calm piece.

‘mental decay’ is the last track on this bombastic full on force of sound release. Within this track we hear somehow something of a guitar that seems so terribly tortured that it sings like an extremely horny cat in the realm of decay. Wrooaaaw’ it does and so far so good. The real pain comes half way this recording as the penetrant noise is going to do a full electronic urination in both your ears.
This is a moment that is uncomfortable, scary, dealmaking and at the same time an excellent brainf*ck! Welcome the sounds of Hell at the following link:

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