Tomika – Everything (will come to an end)

artist: Tomika
title: Everything (will come to an end)
keywords: alternative, bedroom pop, ambient, chillwave, dreampop, electronica, indie, love-music,
label: Export Label

Remember Tomika? His Good People And Good Night EP was a nice and sweet relaxing experience with a bedroom pop twist. But now Tomika is back once again with an upcoming new EP called ‘The Picture EP’. It will be his second release and hopefully out and about on the 20th of December.  Because this date is still a couple of days away and Tomika knows that his fans simply cannot wait too long for this event to happen, he (and the ‘export label) has arranged to put out the track ‘Everything (Will Come To An End) for free.

This is of course an opportunity not to be missed,
as we humans love good music, especially when it is available for the price of nothing.
The track is a really cool mix of alternative indie dream bedroom music based on warm electronica and friendly summer guitar strings.
Tomika his distinctive voice is so well strong as fragile in sound and really makes this tune into something that stand out from your average chill wave ambient tunes.

Tomika let us know that he made it over a sleepless night, with cutting high hats, punching beat and breathing synth lines. But it is the guitar and his sensitive voice that makes this work so personally and human. The sleepy tone of the track seems be resembled well in the front cover of the upcoming EP, it just has this high comfort level that feels like a warm blanket of sun in a spacious pretty landscape under a ocean blue sky.

Come and reach for Tomika’s hand and hear his lovely humane dream single over at the following link:

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