Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 1

Artist: Various
title: Midnight Radio Compilation 1
keywords: alternative, experimental, ambient, dark ambient, electronic, industrial
label: Midnight Radio Compilation

As all compilations that are reserved for midnight play, they start with beauty. Don’t think applying the regular facemask will be enough to gather beauty throughout the night, but try the music of Cousin Silas instead. The Forgotten Village is a track that is calm and relaxed with it’s warm synth strings, piano twinkles and hints of guitar. All working together to create a warm welcoming ambient atmosphere to enjoy and dream away with.

Than a gathering of odd musical people appear. They are legends in their own field, listening to the names of Viscera / Hal McGee+ Debbie Jaffe. The song is dramatic with its tones that smell like accordion and murder.

The dominant artist TOTAL E.T. is also present in this midnight experiences and comes in slowly to tickle the ears with an arrangement of high pitched noises that fly around in the air.

The wind appears with slow dark daft breezes. This is the sound of the artist who runs the attenuation circuit experimental label, and here he brings a work called ‘efflux’. A very minimal darkness that is not cold & neither warm.

More ambient comes in the shape of a work by Dieter Bornzero Bornschlegel. The artist choses rhythm as a main ingredient in this acousticelectronic work. It’s something that feels like it wants you to pick up a guitar or any other instrument and jam along.

The Hollow Phobos are also represented on this compilation. You cannot really miss it as the sound is a little bit louder than its relaxing previously heard brother. It is a sound that sings through the air like a tormented mechanical something that cry’s for attention in a hollow damp space. Maybe it’s time to check the basement and see what’s up?

The talented artist Ars Sonor has provided a relative dark beauty that with its prominent slow rolling drums and sinister array of ambience, hangs between rock and the fear of sleeping.

More experimental in sound is artist eisenlager’s Duisburg. It has this penetrant high pitched sound to it that reveals German speaking samples and smudged guitars in the far, far debth.

Of course while chilling in the darkness of the night there must be time to party. TeeJot is here to provide the electronic dance music to dance to, it seems to have taken some hints from electro classics and turned them into a new thing. Freakquency will make some electro heads happy either awake or raving while asleep!

‘all the things I used to see’ is a track by Dark Matter. It comes across as a very interesting collection of mechanical midnight sounds that reenact nature. Warm tones are compromised by moving elements that will keep the ears open and the mind searching for explanations of what the ears are receiving.  Sometimes realms of pure beauty will pop up, but beware of the industrial predators that will try to consume you with great delight.

(o)†hers is here to bring another instant ear hooking sound collage. We hear a various mix and match of sound recordings teaming up in a warm tonal reality.

Of course the wings of crows are dark, so it doesn’t come as a real surprise that ‘Crows In The Garden’ will grow darkness in sound. It comes across as a pretty lo-fi work that has a sad feeling to it. It is rather short to be completely infected by it.

M.Nomized brings a very nice track that keeps  polite for the ones that have been sleeping all the way through this compilation. Everything is soft but fresh, highly electronic and pretty. Slowly a dark presence reveals itself while the listener is deranged by it’s friendly ness. It walks around in a steady pace as if it’s Jack the Ripper himself in search to lure a handsome victim with his pretty charm into an exclusive death. But half way Jack changes his mind, and choses with the sound of crunched intestines to do some strange dancing in front of a club. The music is ludicrously weird and bizarre and I must say that personally I really love this strange combination of joyful creepiness.

The last track on this compilation is done by Quoi. It’s a soft mélange destined to calm us down for a pleasant good night rest. It might wake you up with its final tones of loudness, but in general it keeps it all too friendly.

The Midnight Radio Compilation 1, is freely available for anyone in need for a varied collection of music that mostly is relatively soft and alternative in its approach. This is something that would be indeed ideal to be played around midnight, whatever you may be doing at that moment of the day. You can get this compilation over at the following link:

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