Various Artists – Interspersed

artist: Various
title: Interspersed
keywords: experimental
label: attenuation circuit

The 12th episode of this continuing experimental compilation on Attenuation Circuit deserves an special reviewers approach. Something a little bit different than normal, a little bit more experimental reviewers wise.

Don’t worry dear readers; for you the experience will probably just the same, but just know that I’m doing this review while experiencing a real Thai Massage. The actual music will be force-fed through a cable that goes through my noise holes to my ears and I’m typing my results with the point of my nose. Pretty experimental if you’d ask me!

Oke, I will ask the masseuse to start her massage as I’m ready and focused for what this compilation is going to be like this time.  And of course if this experiMENTTt.. Ouch! Sorry the girl has started to strangle my spine.. Uh.. let’s STARt ! oof…

Oeh! Ah..hmmpfff. Oh yes, Thai massage is pretty hardcore.. Ah, but the sounds have began and the typing with the point of my noise seems to work quite well. The internal earplugs are not the best and a lot of base frequencies are obviously missing, but that would not interfere with my unsalted opinion.

The first track by EMERGE is making this part of the painful massage in a strange way accessible. The sound is so intensive as if I’m hearing the soundtrack that is haunted by overwhelming dark cold spirits that mess within my skull. If I close my eyes I don’t know which part of my senses is the most relaxed one to focus on. Or the pain from the massaging professional or the ghost infected music. But when the both are combined; my hands turn sweaty and my face probably spotting an expression of fear and pain. An experiment well worth to look at, yet perhaps less fun to partake in.

Aah! Shit! That massage point is rather ridiculously painful. Really I know this masseuse is a professional but still it feels at times a bit like torture, especially when my inflexible legs are being pulled behind my OUCH neck..

But let’s try to keep focused on the music, which is in the circumstances rather difficult; but the tune of Radiator865 is doing a great job to decoy the tough squeezing procedures of the massage. It must be the unique mix of rough german rock mixed with an exclusive violin that grabs the attention and holds it tight until the tune has ended its final notes.

Aaah! There the masseuse is putting her elbow in my neck and pushes until the bones crack. Was it too hard and did something get mashed up in my brain? Or are the tiny inner speakers broken by the full forced massage? Or is this really the ‘silver’ music that is made by an artist called Gooze? My whole skull starts to vibrate while a force amount of panic and noise are raising the roof for a total panic attack!

Artist Eisenlager makes sure it wasn’t the masseuse’s fault of the frontal sound attack, as this one is rather a little bit more quite and sensitive.  It feels as a group of wasps have teamed up with working ants who are working inside my hearing system with microscopic hammers. It’s a bit hollow in there, did a large part of my brain die and made some room for an excellent acoustic hollowness?

Another track is filled with another artist. This time it is Peer Saer who delivered a work called ‘hallelujah gospel’. The sound of sweet guitar that wiggle us into a calm state, with the flair and elegance of an authentic rocking chair.

Shaun Robert creates a strange sound collage that covers a whole deluxe area of things. It makes me doubt my own sanity while this work is flushing its presence through my skull. There are watery moments, scraping noises, blowing things, kettles, lighters, switches and much more bizarre sounds that are composed in a rhythmic organism.

Excuse me, The masseuse is now removing some nose hair with a scalpel.  I never had this kind of massage treatment before, but it’s a special review and she is a proffesionautchh.. geezz. That kinda hurted! It makes typing with my nose a bit more painful actually; luckily the sound of Esa Ruoho is the opposite of painful. The track seems to peel dirt off the skin, but it does sound like a good and relaxing thing. The nice depth makes it into a soothing experience.

W! Re is here now with a sound that warns every listener to evacuate themselves. First of all I thought it was the police or army outside trying to hold of the ‘peaceful protesters’ outside the building, but when the flowing experimental noises started to zoom into my spinal chords it was obvious that it was just the music.  It has some creepy elements but isn’t actually creepy. Or perhaps the massage is pulling my legs too hard at this moment in time that it is hard to judge what is really going on in this track.

Oh shit, I think the masseuse just broke my arm? But you know what, who cares? The music is helping me to forget about the pain and the insanity of this experimental review. The wires inside my skull bring successfully the sound of Divine Anger Of God & Prinzip. They bring a variation of pretty tones and strange vocal appearances and ridiculous guitar noises. It is a weird experiment that works out very well and annihilates the fact that the masseuse is now pulling my fingers backwards until the point of breaking. The ending is as if the music is lifting up and then makes again way for pretty tones of goodness.

A warm world is created within a deep and dark thriller like sound arrangement. We hear a woman’s vocal scream and what follows next is that everything gets a much more noisier treatment. There is a certain tension that eats its way inside of this mysterious work. I might have not enough blood in my brain to judge, but in another galaxy I could imagine this track by (0)thers to be a soundtrack for ‘Murder she wrote’ series.

Ah, the massage is almost finished and the masseuse is now basically finishing it of by pulling my ears and slapping me on the head. I must say, it hurted a bit and typing words with the point of my nose wasn’t the best way to write a review, but in the end it wasn’t a bad experience. I feel even a little bit more taller. The track by Claus Poulsen really expresses the best how relieved I am to have reached a clear destination of relaxation. The only thing is that I’m quite panicky about how to remove the sound wires that were inserted through my nose into the backside of my ears. But actually this warm softness of ‘trains in time’ is making everything rather comfortable and equally interesting. It is one of these sound tracks that gets your attention by feeding the brain a diverse collection of sounds in an comfortable way.

Ouch!! Oh Oh!! The review isn’t finished yet, but the masseuse is already pulling the audio cables through my sensitive nose. Ohlala! That is not a nice feeling, I tell you! It is kind a spooky like the track that Exedo has brought in to end this compilation. It is applying the right attack of noise that keeps it listenable while at the same time feeding the fear sectors of the brain.  Let the girl pull the cables out, I’m ready to face the world! Are you ready for this experimental compilation? Get it over here: (Thai massage not included)

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  1. USSIEL says:

    Cool reviews, but guys, you should cut them on the main page.

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