Paulo Chagas, Mauro Sambo, Chris Silver T – FIREWORKS

Artist: Paulo Chagas, Mauro Sambo, Chris Silver T
cat: Petroglyph155
keywords: experimental, avant-garde
label: Petroglyph music

The sweet sounds of manipulations flicker up the airwaves. We hear vaguely the sound of fireworks exploding and burning out in an unknown location in the sky, but absolute warmth of mysterious experimental ambient music muffles it away as small time background noises.  Warm real instruments are the main ingredients of this successful product of the melting minds of Paulo Chagas (bass clarinet, flute, soprano clarinet, Mauro Sambo (alto sax, electronics, bass, soprano sax, alto clarinet) and Chris Silver T (electronics, drums). Together they found a way not to get into each other’s faces, but simply complement every sound and melody that each member had brought to the musical table. They kept enough space to make this work one that is perfect to relax to.

You might just want to open a bottle of champagne and cheers to yourself and salute the upcoming New Year! You’ll be surprised how good the sparkles taste when this lengthy work starts to hint some free jazz vibes, how well the alcohol bubbles together with the flute and how nice this recording is sounding in a state of friendly drunkenness. You might even pick up the bottle and whistle in it to show your contempt of absorbing this lovely music. Let this music compliment your achievements of this year and show some excitement for the one that will arrive at the end of this December month. When the end is near (of this track) the music starts to sound like a bunch of exciting gooses! You can get this relaxing contemporary music over at the following link, which you should as it is always a joy to hear some actual musicians having a good time and making some nice ambience along the way! <KN>

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