Various Artists – To The Prettiest One, Volume 4

artist: Various Artists
title: To The Prettiest One, Volume 4
keywords: experimental, discordianism, diverse
label: Brownian e/Motion(s)

Bring in the gasps of bewildering amazement. Just drop your draw and start to make the automatic sound generated by our human instinct when something wonderful is happening.
Can you feel the ‘aaaaah?’, would it be one to hold onto that feeling and keep it for a minute or two?
It might be that you need an example, something to ‘aaaah’ along with? Just listen to John Lithium and feel the sound of the world most amazing Aldebaran Cleansing Ritual. When everything starts to shine as new, the water starts to bowl and the bowels are doing squeezing exercises, a free spirit of total bliss will reach the mind triggering that ‘aaaah’ moment that you where hoping for to achieve.
If this goes to far to be understood at the personal timezone that you are hanging out and about in, try scrolling up and down this lengthy review for a more clearer view.

Where good old friend John Lithium gave everyone who dares to enter the discordian world of ‘To The Prettiest One, Volume 4’ a good cleansing experience, Nux Vomica celebrates our listening ears with a Typified. This one is of course exclusively made By A Perfect Ashlar and if you inhale it softly through the nose holes you might feel slightly induced in a warm relaxing state. Not a state like Texas, but more one where pretty sound rules the scepter for your enjoyment. You don’t need to do anything else than inhale it and correspond with the prominent artwork front cover to get that tingly feeling of tinseltown in your heart and stomach. A nice feeling of warm love that makes you want to go out for a walk in the sun and stroke the grass with affection.

Take a good long slice of air deep in the lungs and enjoy the pretty spirit that is coming out of the mind of Mile 97. Here the sounds of top model ghosts feature their handsome features. Slowly but in a fine secure way they tend to show their rotten corpses on the cat walk. What normally would be an perhaps scare event, here we just feel as everything is just a slow paced slice of imagination that breaths in and out in the neck. I’m not even going to talk about the title of this track, as it is long and confusing, although it fits the all-round mystery that hangs around this lonely heart of a soundscape.

When Gun’s and roses are knocking on heaven’s door, Travis Johnson (2) is breaking it down with what sounds like, little shaving knives. They are not very sharp so it probably take a couple of years, but as we all know Travis Johnson is one of these people that simply never ever gives up before the job is done. This must have been a fragment of this event, and luckily so because one year of breaking the door is perhaps a little bit to long to include on such a compilation occasion.

The legendary Jack Hertz is luring at the other side of the door. He has probably that kind of god-like status but you will never ever hear of him in the books written by spaced out monks. His sound could be described as indeed the sound of heaven. If you of course go to the experimental sound section where legends of innovation are hanging out in their odd ball costumes, playing with machineries home baked by the famous Lemur Tails. Everything is interesting and no sound is settled in to indulge in boredom. It is one of these works that are moving and captivating things that are going on, but us mortal beings have no clue what in heavens name is really going on.

One of the most precious underground artists out there is Anastasia Vronski, she always puts out the best sounds and delivers them at the right times. With her presence on this compilation you can expect pure quality sound exposure while she treats every second of her music with microscopic respect! She uses white birds in this work and she has promised that they where not harmed in any way for the creation of this recording. However the white birds themselves may harm the listener who doesn’t feed them the delicious breadcrumbs and compliment them with bird like noises. You have been warned my good friends!

Another hero for the entire family is the famous The Implicit Order. Here this order brings an almost celtic ritual that reminds me of Enya while being roasted on a spitfire. You can expect new age with a burned after taste, but nothing beats the sight of a good hellish campfire with an legendary singer in the middle of it. Slam the darkness in the face and grow some fine devil horns as this is a track that shows no remorse for that pretentious new age crap that still can be heard in the local health shops.

It’s always good to know that there is music out there that invites us to mix up black clothes with bright neon colors and knee length hair extensions! N(SAtan) brings us the perfect mix of ultra goth music that will turn every dull bedroom into a full fledged dark gothic cave filled with creatures to dance their spastic dance moves on. Of course after that everyone will all break a spine or fall over from a strangled muscle, but luckily the music has a rather large part dedicated to relaxation.

Swin Deorin is adding his spices and perfumes to this collection of imaginative expressive music. He does this exclusively through music that is quite beat orientated and slightly high on stoner left over sticks. This is the track that your crazy uncle will stand up too and start to rap his shit all over it!
It has this kind of groove that you don’t fuck around with. Better find some bling to hang around the neck and wear some underwear on top of the head for the ultimate enjoyment!

When you throw out the garbage, always check if you didn’t throw away some left over acid! Cause there isn’t anything better in the world to keep close at heart and far away from the local garbage men than Acid TrasH. His music is one of those things that tickle the intellect while making the body move in rhythmic grooves of electronic goodness. This is the good shit, so better enjoy it alone or with some trustworthy friends.

Perhaps the experimental music scene should setup some kind of musical dating site. Wouldn’t it be great to somehow bring Swin Deorin in contact with Essent? Their flow of words are a pure delight and without disrespect to the east and west side: Essent is simply kicking both of your asses!

The poisonous chicken also makes an appearance with a so called ‘stylophone’ track. Because the one who writes this review is the right full owner of this chicken, it would not be fair to write how good this track is, so instead of doing just that, I will take the time to express that there can’t be enough stylophones, as stylophones are probably the most amazing things in the entire galaxy.
But hey, that’s just an opinion, really..

Than the professional electronic music makers take over. The sounds of Undercrypth is full and contains everything your mother has warned you about. Strange changing moods and unearthly music with oxygen in the shape of sampled outtakes. The music is successfully dissorientating and that is in this case perfect to go loopy inside your own head. Let’s not do drugs, but just listen to this track by Undercrypt instead!

Oh shit, we have lost track of time! You know what? It is the birthday of downercow today, and we forgot all about it! We didn’t even bring his favorite hot cross buns.. The cat’s may not be pleased, but downercow seems to be jolly enough to take it up lightly. Happy birthday downercow!

Time to take a chill pill with the band of doctor Phill aka Doom Science. The track supplied over here is one of those feeling good tunes featuring a baseline to relate too and actual swinging music that is done with real instruments. This one its own seems to be a rarity these days on those strange compilations, but luckily this spacious funky work is here to compensate for all the electronic twits and their programming finger skills. There is nothing better than self indulging stoner rock for those fine uplifting psychedelic moments of joy! This makes me think that ‘Cemetery Concrete’ is a rather doomed title for such a fun track, but hey it fits with the bands name so let’s not complain. This is delicious stuff!

Everyone around me is hooked on it, they upload their latest pictures of themselves, the food that they eat and the shit that they just squeezed out between their buttocks. They all have Instagon installed on their mobile devices to registrate everything that they do or not do, which is quite alarming in the social fields. Luckily the band Instagon is the complete opposite of bullshit, even though they are also connected with an Golden Apple. They music is what makes socializing good and productive as this work got the grooves and the interaction between the funk of the instruments are simply overflowing of good fun! Stoner material that i’m going to upload on Instagon right the fuck now!

Of course we have had our funny moments on volume 4 of this Discordian compilation, but ‘No Wife, No Horse, No Mustache Blues’ by Peacock Angel’s Death Song, doesn’t sound like a laughing matter. In fact this track is deadly serious. The best thing to do is just sit uptight with a straight back and let the music captivate your attention with it’s interesting shapes and bizarrely warm elements.

There isn’t an artist out there who’s sound is so distinctive as that of the creational artist Jukka-Pekka Kervinen. Here he brings another instant trademark tune to the party that he has brilliantly called Zearosiesituene. Jukka-Pekka laughs in the face of the snobbish IDM scene with his ultimate output of appealing sounds mixed with scientific intelligence. What else do you need? Some popcorn perhaps?

Nope! No time for popcorn as it is time to wiggle our tales and shake our bums in an funky robotic way! Let yourself go while One Infinite Loop takes the legs and arms away in a strange experimental brain surgical dance that is joyful and bizarre. It might not even be so danceable, but One Infinite Loop will just reprogram your brain while hearing this, triggering your thoughts with the promise that you are actually dancing to these electronica flirts of sounds! Refreshing stuff!

Did you know that bandcamp conspires against lobit music? They are only for hi-fi fanatics who love wav and flac formats, but don’t seems to be open for wonderful music in the lower nitrate of the underground. Luckily mutanT.R.I. has found a way around it and to secretly sabotages these stupid bandcamp rules from deep within their system. You can hear him reprogramming and retagging the cables in an unique way. By hacking this website mutanT.R.I plays tribute to The Ernie 4 in a sublime and outstanding way! Hip Hip Huray for mutanT.R.I!

Others and (o)†hers are two different artists that through internet sources found each other in order to collaborate and feed listeners their potential collaborative outputs! Here they do an awesome job by providing everyone with a ‘Single Malt Scotch’ served with a slice of lemon and a collection of warm breathing bath of fruitful noises.

As always ‘Accidental Memories’ are present on the fourth compilation of the To The Prettiest One compilation. To fully experience the tune that is provided, it is recommended to put the sound up to hear all the strangeness loud and clear. There is excitement in the air and it is called ‘Blakk Sun Rising.

After the sunny noise treatment the artist Clinica Psychosis drops a delicious rhythmic noise bomb that feels like the artist is stamping in metallic snow! This is something to wake up too although the ghost that is hidden in side of this work might scream at you if you’re having to much fun over here! You can always wake me up for some bombastic business like this!

John Dunlap gives us another astral blessing by bleaching the ears with a force of noise! he even gives it an exclusive title that sounds funny if you pronounce it quickly and multiple times in a row. ‘polydactylmix’.
Who needs coffee if there is music like this?

Artist Travis Johnson is confusing us by giving an early ending to the compilation. Full of fear for some kind of loud explosion or shock effect, it seems that Travis Johnson has chosen the reliable joke of absolutely nothing ness to challenge our own imaginative minds! A good moment to enjoy the music and sounds from your own surroundings.

Get this amazing experimental compilation over at the following link

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