Various Artists – Impedance

artists: Various
title: Impedance
keywords: experimental
label: attenuation circuit

As a midnight ranger it is nice to find the perfect music that fits the moment. The artist Deep kicks of an interesting time worthy compilation with a short but very welcoming ‘start’. It is basically an warm guitar work that streams softly in the ears, lurking the unsuspected listener in Impedance.

From here the band Doc Wör Middan takes over with a fine piece of calm trip music. This could be described probably as relaxed stoner rock and it is not hard to imagine this to be an must have for under influence of psychedelic inducing products.

The proof that quality and quantity are not always effecting each-other in a negative way is the prolific artist Mystified. Here on this compilation he once again lays out an intriguing  quality work that is difficult to describe. Ambient is too mainstream for this experimental relaxing piece that feels a bit like listening to magical voodoo flutes and the comforting sound of boiling tea kettles.

Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf is bringing something special to this compilation.  It is an absolute weirdness of experimental sound that plays a crazy melody and successfully teams up with singing birds. From there even stranger things are happening, dusty clicks and a bright movement of experimental warmth is attempting to melt the brain together with the music. Slowly the artist takes us down to another level. It feels a bit like going on a ride in a futuristic bizarre elevator. Arriving breathless at the floor of destination an exclusive array of sounds boil up.

Than it’s time to meet the pretty and mostly futuristic sounding sounds of Esa Ruoho. It feels as if the artist is playing live with a self made motherboard  and producing a on the go friendly ambiance by pressing buttons that trigger warm bell like tones.

Elektrojudas brings a retro aspect to this diverse but ultimately relaxed collection of experimental music. This work is highly electronic and leans heavily on deep repetitive synth use. Teamed up with a slow but cool groove and the good use of samples, is creating an sci-fi feeling that is outer-worldly hypnotic.

From this synth induced state of the art the ears will fall into a eccentric world created by B Tong. The artist supplied a soundscape that features a stretched out robot sounding voice and a rather large collection of manipulated sound recordings.

Artificial Memory Trace is one of these artist to keep the eyes and ears open for. The track that this artist has brought in for us to enjoy is one that combines different field-recordings and ( I believe) experimental electronic sounds. It also could be that the artist manages to manipulate these nature recordings that they actually start to sound mechanic and robotic. Artificial Memory Trace is in my mind a sound scientist, that experiments in getting the world of mother nature and man made technology together. The results are very captivating.

Another well fitting work comes out of the mind and hands of artist Niku Senpuki. An interesting sound collage that brings a state of mystery and wonder. Doors are cracking, rasps, human activity, strange communication errors, vibrating noises, soft hisses and a backwards guitar. There is so much things to explore in this interesting track that it is only a matter of seconds that the imagination will run wild to give these sounds an possible picture.

Here Be Monsters is one of these artist that I did not encountered before, but considering the audio output I will remember this name well. The work is an average loud piece paved with intensive sounds that seems to trigger an strange dark ghostly fun fair ride. It is filled with hints of culture in a soft moving bombastic wind . Everything is strange and hot, and it will hold the attention until the end as if the artist has added some kind of black magic deep in the mix.

It feels as if we have arrived at the more darker department of this compilation. A track called B.M.T.G. by ORiFiCE is here to protect us and takes a royal 12+minutes to create a strange border of warm and feverish strangeness. When you are all settled in, it brings us to a much noisier surrounding and than relieves itself with soft creature like noises.

Yield brings a delicate low monster that screeches and scratches itself in an crunchy audio format.  It is definitely coming from the underground but is rather lazy, than our to get you.

We move over to the sound of Sustained Development. We keep hanging in the comfort zone of lo-fi but the work here feels a bit more industrial than monstrous. It comes across as if we are listening to a construction site with the normally hard working builders acting like experimental musicians. They rattle and tickle the iron pipes, the hollow tons of cement and random machinery. I imagine them doing a modern dance performance with it too, but that’s just your reviewer going loopy.

The last track of this compilation  is done by Emerge. It is one of the more experimental ones that shows little signs of life mixed with thin air and the occasional low base frequencies.
Something that gives the ears a fresh breath to face the road back to reality.

This experimental compilation is one that sucks you up from the start and will not leave you until the very end. These fine artists captured their own unique sounds and are arranged in such a way that they flow perfectly into each-other, making this work more a enjoyable collaboration than one random of the hook gathering of tracks. If you are into sounds and experiments than you would be pleased to find this compilation for free at the following link:

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