Lesbopop – We don’t need no…

artist: Lesbopop
title: We don’t need no
keywords: lesbian pop

Cocks! A rather large section of the male society has got them. They hang most of the time useless between their legs, just swinging out and about if not secured in a piece of underwear.  They can be quite remarkable in the sense that they can transform from soft things to fully raised hard pieces of blood filled meat. Underneath there is a sack with two nuts in it, they are also remarkable but that is something for another time to discuss.

Today we are gathered together to fully understand the message that the world most famous girls only music group ‘Lesbopop’ has been preaching in their almost decate long carreer. These cocks you see are an strange obsession of them. Before turning into an all-girl band they were always going from door to door to deliver their anti cock propaganda.

They had been putting up posters on busstops all over the city of london featuring rotten banana’s and disquisting sausages to resemble the cocks that they were demonstrating against. The flyers and posters disapeared when finally their musical underground career started to take off. They now had a way to put their propaganda into their music and it didn’t take long to gain a great gathering of fans and followers in all the obscure places of the seedy sides in town.

They were asked to perform in a diverse aray of places; from woman handycraft clubs, tupperwareparty’s to the most prominent sexually charged lesbian party’s. There message was the same as before their instant underground succes; Cocks are wrong!

It is probably now hard to imagine but their words and will to convey others of their anti cock mission let to small time fights between male members of the gay society that where simply preaching the total opposite. But somehow this small female lesbian group had also gained enough gay male popularity that somehow against all odds seem to sympathize with this strong militant lesbian pop-group and their provocative message. Perhaps some of them adored their tough mentality, or just liked the fact that in every song they where always referring to cocks.

Perhaps they dissociated themselves with these anti cocks song as it was clear that the cocks of the gay male society aren’t a threat to their female lesbian friends. Perhaps in this case there was some mutual toleration among the members of this lesbian group and it’s cock on cock loving friends, but behind closed doors these girls had no remorse in their cock disapproving hatred. They didn’t need them, these to them ‘wrong’ human organs should have all been erased, shoved in a shredder or cut of with a pair of efficient scissors.

The longer they lived their own manifestation of their own anti cock movement, the more drastic their ideas had become. Soon they found themselves involved in anti cock robberies; simply small town random attacks on unsuspected males getting robbed of their cocks!

After their first under the radar successful cock robberies their hunger for their success was demanding more and bigger bounties. The story goes that in total secret the lesbian cock haters plotted a magnificent plan to get rid of all the cocks  from a mostly male dominated audience at a very important football game. We can’t give any details as in how these girls where going to ‘pull this one off’, but luckily for the male visitors at that football game who probably didn’t want to lose their cocks, a special undercover spying system ‘NSA’ (National Sperm Association) had bugged the room with small microphones and this was the downfall for this movement and their planned big time cock robberies.

Nowadays it is hard to get information or video’s of their glorious heydays as an safety program funded by the English government has blocked and banned everything that came in this dark chapter of cock lovers. The fear for another all girl band getting rid of cocks rising up still prevent us to find any real information about the whereabouts of the lesbians involved and what exactly happened when the secret service rolled them up before they could hit their ‘cock’ jackpot.

The only thing that is still flying around on youtube is this now rare videoclip of this fanatic group in their rightful element. Beware of the anti cock propaganda and watch this  for entertainment and educational purposes only. Enjoy Lesbopop!


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