Toth Kina Hegyfalu – live from the Wakuum

artist: Toth Kina Hegyfalu
title: live from the Wakuum
keywords: experimental, psychedelics, indie, alternative, industrial, noise
label: attenuation circuit

After a quick indescribable time travel we end up on the 8th of  February, early 2013. Where are we and what are we doing here? Well, glad you asked! We are at Wakuum and right on time to enjoy a duo bound together under the name ‘Toth Kina Hegyfalu.’. We are a bit late but just on time to see and hear these grim characters sitting in a soft spotlight surrounded by darkness. This venue could do better with the lightening although in this case the darkness and the smoke of cigarettes reflecting in that fragile light is quite charming. The music that comes out from the speakers is transforming everything in some kind of strange jungle, a place where everything can happen. The duo fills up the place with a mystique feeling and it even gets more intensive with the female member aligning her voice with the plucked strings.

Suddenly the two characters move away from their spotlight and start to walk around like wild tigers in search for a prey. They do this not empty handed and the music that they cast out fits their movements perfectly. The guitar is growling rhythmically and the voices are first spitting spit and than going up in the musical expression. Everyone in the room is starting to move in the tempo of this funky alternative weirdo movement. The vocals are going more wilder and slightly twisted and so does the wild experimental music.
The crowd is loving it and some of them even offered me a spliff while pulling odd faces at me. I smoked but didn’t inhale as the duo started to make more intensive music with the male vocalist doing a vocal impression of something demonic. Than the girl started to transform to and after spitting up vomit they both went clearly into another unholy head space! Nobody is calling an exorcist, so  this might just all be a part of the show. They started to produce this intensive density of animalistic music and there was a moment that I thought to be accompanied with demons from a different legion of Hell.

Than there was a little second of silence before the strings were getting slammed in another unholy and never endured before way. The girl was saying things but the music started to suck every breath of sense and normality out of it. And than from this vacuum hovering moment the band started to feed the audience a rhythmic thing that was just as mental and insane as the creepy child like melody that they had thrown on top. I had to keep my eyes open because it was this kind of live music that would inflict scary day dreams of possessed kids that will haunt you (and probably kill) in your day dreams. This band is what you might call: super intensive!

The live set isn’t over even if some members of the audience are having signs of seizures.  I’m totally focused and hypnotized by what Toth Kina Hegyfalu is producing on their little stage of darkness. They seem to have found a way to get directly into the brain and there they will pull the strings. The  music start to menace and everyone attending the gig start  to behave like little crazy monkeys. It comes in handy that even the band start to play music only understandable to the banana loving folks. The girl screeches while the male member throws peanuts on the floor. I can’t hold on to my sanity any longer and I’m also scratching my head while fighting for a peanut and a banana. Strange flocks of black crows also seem to have attended the gig, I’m not sure if they are also interested in the free food or that they might have their eyes on some human meat instead.

When the band starts to leave this track behind it looks as if everyone has came back to their senses. But for how long as they started to torment the loudspeakers with an undeniable enthusiastic made rhythm of mortal madness. They even brought in some flute to compliment their successful hypnotizing psychedelic indie noise show!

Encore! Encore! we shouted and than the band came back after a mini second of a break. The guitar start to sound crunchy and Toth Kina Hegyfalu teaches us how to count in English in a rapid speed. Then they produced squeaks of joy while the music rumbles along in a crazy mental way. Than there is this insane melody happening that is utterly weird combining tortured strings that are being plucked and noisy vibes. A ritual feast of weirdo sound is evolving in the ultimate highlight of this intensive and wildly animalistic live performance!

This is a band that will alter your life forever if you are lucky enough to see and hear them performing in real life. They sound like nothing else and will leave a ever lasting impression on the mind and scars on the soul. If you can, it is recommended to see and hear them in real life, but just in case you need more proof or aren’t in their traveling distance, than please be free to hear their excellent live album of this event over here:

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