Øjne – Undici/Dodici

artist: Øjne
title: Undici/Dodici
format: 12″ vinyl
keywords: neomelodica, punk, emo, hardcore, post-hardcore, screamo
label: see review..

Øjne recorded five tunes in a rehearsal room in Milano. Together these tracks are forming their debut album that seems in a very high demand. A whole collection of international labels have teamed up to release this Italian Screamo band’s Undici/Dodici on a 12 inch! Pike (Germany), Don’t Live Like Me (US), Driftwood (US), Stereo Dasein (Netherlands), Unlock Yourself (Russia), Monday Morning (Germany) La Agonia De Vivir (Spain), Fading Halo (Romania), Shove (Italy), Pikpik (US), Upwind Productions (Italy_, Blessedhands (Italy), Couchpunx (Italy), Taterrauria (Italy) and Dog Knights Productions (UK) are all in on the plot to release this madness upon the world.

The first tune on this record seems to lure unsuspected listeners in with some calm tones for whispering thoughts,
and when you are all relaxed ‘Glasgow’ will hit you in the face with a slash hammer!
From than all hell breaks lose as the band is screaming, rambling and going quite frankly a bit mental on their instruments! They have nice times in between to proof that they are capable of playing friendly tones, but they are at their best when pushing their violent sounds straight into your skull! A mental breakdown finally found a right soundtrack to be teamed up with!
The music is sophisticatedly rough and tough and strangely emotional.
The lead singer seems to mean every word that he screams. He does this on top of his lungs, which is understandable as it ain’t easy to be heard when the guitars are so loud!
Let’s wish them success in this mad musical adventure, and if you are supportive and interested in getting a vinyl copy, than don’t hesistate to direct yourself over to their enthousiastic suppliers:
EUROPE / Pike Records
EUROPE / Stereo Dasein
UK / Dog Knights Prod.
USA / Don’t Live Like Me

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