k..k. – premigrante

artist: k..k.
title: premigrante
keywords: experimental, abstract, drone, experimental, field recording, noise

out of the hands and mind of k..k. we have a release called ‘premigrante’ over here to be reviewed. It contains three tracks that are hosting surprising little story telling beauty’s.

Prefacio boils up from a deep low sound frequency, slowly getting warmer by mixing in more high tech sounds that turns the hymn of angels into a vibrating pulse of chatterly modern noises. Most of the times they are other-mostly enjoyable and at regulated times you might be penetrated by what could be an out of control electric razor.

The sound artist shows a more sweeter side with the second track on this release. The childlike pretty sweet tingle tangle sounds are a great match for the high frequency test that K..K. will tickle your inner ears with. A soft voice that talks into a far distance appear and hushes the awakened into some kind of soft sleep. Things start to happen when we give into the feeling of nodding off, voices and some strange free jazz vibe that contains no jazz but cuckooing rhythmic gooses and complimenting flutes transform this work into contemporary minimal tribal music. This will set the dogs outside barking and your reviewer dancing awkwardly through the outside gardens of the Yeah I Know It Sucks headquarters. Suddenly the work transport me to a place that is unknown to me; Argentina.

The sight of this magnificent party are fading slowly when the third work of this artist appears. A microscopic parade of sweet minimal sounds is approaching. The closer they come the more fun arrives!  Everybody is blowing up balloons and waving their flags while a funny acid-like melody is creating the right moves for a fine party. The drunk man who shouts at times on top is basically cheering the listener even more up to embrace the happy sound of friendly festivities!

The last work starts off surprisingly damp and clean. The sound is actually perfect to wake up to after a day of heavy partying on tequila. Slowly from the soft crackles the artist using the right sound to rise and shine with a new morning-light. Soft drops of rain will clean the streets with freshness while complimenting bongo drums give good vibrations.

This release is giving noise a good name by using it to bring a positive vibe to this sophisticated storytelling music. Get this work into your own ears at the following link:

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