KoKo – KoKo EP

Artist: KoKo
title: KoKo EP
Keywords: experimental

Personally I’m aware of many KoKo’s. KoKo Chanel, the Belgium funny guy Urbanus  as KoKo Flanel, the editor of Harper Bazar Thailand and KoKo, a dog in the Netherlands that had an  unfortunate encounter with the wheels of a fast speeding car. Now I can add KoKo the band to the list of KoKo’s, which is starting to look more and more impressive.

Anyway before being carried away in my personal KoKo name fetish, I think it is better to focus more on the KoKo band. They came through the digital mailbox requesting an epic review, which is of course something we from Yeah I Know It Sucks are willing to part-take in. It took a bit of time but for this band hailing from Vienna there had to be some kind of special treatment full of surprises and other forms of epic-ness, which just takes time to prepare and organize. But here ladies and gentle non ladies, here it is! Dim the lights sit back and relax and enjoy the show!

Sparkles appear on each side of the eyes, the sounds of fireworks and the regular reader munching on a bag of popcorn! A drumroll is complimenting the moment that every KoKo fan has been waiting for! Special light effects and a shower of glitter fall from the sky just to add even more excitement for what will be coming next! Finally the spotlight hits the stage and a red carpet is rolled out by exclusively hired B-celebrities. The drumroll stops and the smoke of the fireworks makes way for the members of the KoKo band!

May we have a warm applause for the one and only KoKo voice: Daniel Gschwendtner!
Daniel Gschwendtner (Gesang)
The sexy drummer: Mario Gschwendtner!
Mario Gschwendtner (Drums)
The provocative saxy player: Paul Jauker!
Paul Jauker (Sax)

The bright Bass player: Sebastian Luger!
Sebastian Luger (Bass)
And nobody less than master of the guitar:  Georg Wolfmayr!
Georg Wolfmayr (Gitarre)

When the sound of the rumbling standing ovation fades away, I will try to keep the next part of this epic review as low-key as possible. Please let the band-members sit down in their chairs of honor and honestly quit the random sounds of excitement from the audience so we can invite our special guest speaker on to the stage.

He has been active for many years in the entertainment industry, traveling from circus to circus and bringing smiles to everyone who have seen his shows! He worked with high class celebrities like betty boop and friends! Please put your hands one more time together for the surprising surprise guest and worldwide legendary funny man: KoKo, the clown!

KoKo the clown: Thank you, Thank you! Hohoho heyheyhey! tudututu jippie yeej! That’s so nice of you dear audience of this epic KoKo review! Really, thank you for the overwhelming applause and also for the people of Yeah I Know It Sucks to fly me over to be a special guest at this remarkable event. The honor is all mine! Jippie jeej josocolodokie!

Great to see you in person too, Daniel, Mario, Paul, Sebastian & Georg! So you are KoKo the band, right? Jippie dodeldoo?! You had ever thought about changing the bands name to avoid getting your asses sued by the lawyers of yours truly; KoKo the clown? Coockedoo! You know I worked in the circus probably before you arrived from your mothers opening; It took me years to get the world wide recognition and making KoKo the clown into a household name! Hihi Jopideedoodeldee?! And now you guys simply pop up somewhere in 2012 and steal my already legendary name, right? And now I’m here supposedly to compliment your KoKo EP into the great sky’s of epic heaven, right? Jippy dododeliedoo! ……. hahaha hihihi hohoho look at them lady’s and gentle guys, the look on their faces are priceless ! No no no hihihi joopiedoodeldoo! Haha jippieee! I’m KoKo the clown, I was just joking about my lawyers suing your asses! My reputation has gone down the drain lately and with your bands uprising, it will certainly generate a buzz for both KoKo the band as well as KoKo the clown! doobedoobedoo! jipjipjip! we are in the same KoKo boat my friends and it’s truly a joy to be here and read what the writer from Yeah I Know It Sucks has written about your little debut release. In fact let me open the envelope now and see what they want me to say about your music, right? haha hasjee hoppa hippa here it goes!

‘Wait’ starts with an instant catchy groove and turns all epic with nice sounding electric guitars and twinkling piano notes that parade around the edges. The track twist bizarrely but it works out in a good way through a comedic charged pop vocal part. From than KoKo takes the listener away in what you might call ‘the perfect real music’ that goes from bar friendly, into chicken skin affectingly brilliant! Funky, fun and creatively indie is what this is all about!

Also ‘Jambo’ doesn’t disappoint in delivering really great inspiring real music. The track is also wonderfully mixed giving it a spacious depth that makes it utterly to cool for school. The drum is just as freaky as the torturous action of the guitars that will give every hot headed listener spasm attacks of pure pleasure! If this band is searching for something to add in their review credit list, I would suggest quoting ‘This is brilliant, brilliant stuff!’ as that’s what it is! Everything is affective, original and full on flabbergastedly surprised! There is nothing better than music that gets you out of nowhere and kicks skillfully the ass of listeners and disobedient critics!

The last track on the KoKo EP starts off with a tightly programmed beat and electric baseline. They are seemingly slow but changes into something that goes slightly more and more out of control. The guitars are getting louder, the drums more lively after the vocal part has finished squirting out eggs for a fortunate future. Wave your hands in the air while this music brings us downtown, a place where souls are sold in order to be able to produce music that is just so grungy and inspirationally made as the stuff of KoKo. When the tune starts to go down as the pop part of Mike Patton, every alarm of quality starts to ring. Just listen to that funky horn and the closing high hat at the end, and pure musical pleasure will be yours! With this KoKo EP, KoKo has digger deep into their musical skills and came up with pure gold!


KoKo the clown: So… Ah Jippiiee dee! KoKo the clown here! So! Sowososowow! That was a pretty KoKo quality seal of approval in that review I just read to you my dear friends. Yippiedoodeldoo! I did not hear the EP before, but now I’m definitely going to hear it as soon as possible! And all reading members of this audience, you should do that too! Hihi hoho if you don’t move your ears over to the KoKo EP, KoKo the clown will personally kick your butts! And you know my shoe size is gigantic! hahaha wobdiediptie wolololil! My task is done here, so with the squeeze of my red nose I will go off stage now! Hope you guys from KoKo keep on playing and help me to put the quality back in the name of KoKo! It’s truly great to share my name with you guys! Really! hatskiedoekedoeldeloo! Goodbye folks! Huhuhuhiphip!

Lady’s and gentle people one more warm applause for both KoKo the clown as well as KoKo the band & (why not?) the KoKo EP! Thank you for coming over, we will serve free drinks in the lobby for the ones that need it! Have a safe trip home and hope you have enjoyed this review and that it was epic enough to convince you to go and hear the KoKo EP for yourself at the following link:
Thank you very much for your attention!

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