Deep Fried Embryo – Life And Dead

artist: Deep Fried Embryo
title: Life and Dead
cat: SPNet139
keywords: harsh, uncompromising grindcore
label: SP

When Bryan  (drummer) and Jason (bass, guitar & vocalist) come together, a lucid stench will be unleashed. It is the smell of a Deeply Fried Embryo that energizes the air with rotten meat and energetic sick madness. This is not just a regular fried snack, but this is a very brutal form of music mutilation between this illustrious insane duo. They have no respect for the faint hearted as their violence will do it’s best to rape the ears of anyone who dares to encounter their forceful ‘music’ collaboration.

This is grindcore that is unmistakably harsh, perverted, sick, abusive and pretty damn hard! It is hard to make out what the distorted vocal parts are shitting in your face, but I doubt it is polite and friendly. With song titles as   ‘gas tanker driven into a school’, ‘Set on fire for Satan’ & ‘Drug free rape zone’ you just know that this release delivers for the more twisted minded in need for a quality fix!

This record also seems to cater the more gruesome dark side of homosexuality; puking out cocks, pony fuck boys and summer sausages.. To name a few things that might, or might not gather your interest. In any case this release is quite mentally destroying and is definitely one for the breed that is strong enough to be consistently raped by an deep fried embryo! Set your genitals on fire and get ready to be assaulted at the following link:

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