A.W. Backhouse – Metallic Drones (None)

A.W. Backhouse - Metallic Drones

Over a psychedelic microchip we see displayed the artist name and album title. In this case, that would be A.W. Backhouse and Metallic Drones! Do you see those shadowy spots in the corners? That’s where all the porn is being hidden. (shh, don’t tell anyone!)

Artist: A.W. Backhouse
Title: Metallic Drones
Label: Artapes
Cat#: None
Keywords: Drone, Experimental, Electronic, Field Recording
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Are you ready for some METAL!-work, arranged in droneform & run through various pedals and VST effects? Very heavy stuff ahead, and believe me when I tell you… underneath this protective body suit, I’m looking pretty glam.

The first track here is ‘Metallic Drones I’, a naming convention that runs through most of the album. It’s very much like a beautiful, shimmering mirage, expanding out to ensconce all of our senses. Are we walking into a trap? We are the fly and this is our death, a sweet honey. Perhaps A.W. Backhouse’s Metallic Drones is more benign, but I smell trouble and my intuition is a thing I’ve honed. I’ll allow myself to be taken along by these drones, in their sharp clarity and alarming beauty.

Next comes ‘Metallic Drones II’, a bit more mournful in tone, nicely peculiar and disharmonious, with low, airy noises. This is metallurgic alchemy. At all times my head seems filled with gradient, molten gold, brass, bronze, copper. Eventually it feels as if the sound is getting more and more subtle, cerebral. Then these strings come in and it feels as if my heart is being pulled out.

‘Metallic Drones III’ begins with an alien sense of consciousness, becomes a whistling draft of air from within a mausoleum.

Next, ‘Metallic Drones IV’, feels very dark. The energy is low, it is almost stony. This music is like the Gorgon, there is a definite air of danger but we can’t look away.

Brighter again, we arrive at ‘Metallic Drones V’. It’s like an indescribable happiness, one of half-consciousness, a place between life and death, or wakefulness and sleep. Twilight of mind or soul.

Then it’s time for ‘Metallic Drones VI’. Like many of these drones, they seem to swirl in and out, fading dimensionally. Dark ambient, bright pad drones… it’s strange, yet, how acoustically vibrant and real it all feels, not as digital as I expected it all to sound.

‘Metallic Drones VII’ comes on with very bright, ringing drones… these almost remind me of the tail-end trails of ride cymbals, gongs, and other metallic percussion. Angelic wisps enter, along with dreamy strings, all very far away. Choirs, later, calling us into the eternal.

The final piece, ‘Metallic Eden’, is the silver Arcadia we have been searching for. Mercurial and vast, the ringing rides out, stretches into forever. Encroaching, the cold of space.

Really nice drone work here, and I think if any of you are into good drone, you’ll definitely be able to appreciate the sonic qualities displayed here. Be sure to check into this one at the link b’low:


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