Microbit Project – Songs For Android

artist: Microbit Project
title: Songs For Android
cat: noie061
keyword: space pop , electronic, pop
label: Intox Noise

Music for pretty androids and their little cradles carrying adorable baby androids. Like proud parents they stroll somewhere in outer space, giving the little ones the right love and some fresh stardust from the passing falling stars. What is their secret to keep their miniature androids so peaceful and relaxed? It must have been the diapers they are wearing and the special made music that their caretakers feed them through generation onto generation. Only an android parent knows how to keep their children polite and in touch with the universe, but it is common sense that most of them breast feed them a calming dose of Microbit Project. Not just the random Microbit Project output, but the specially produced product ‘songs for android’. Something that not only works perfectly well to keep young androids all smiley and presentable, but also enjoyable and non-harming for non-android species. In fact this pretty music might be the bridge between androids and humanoids, something that will bring them together in synthetic harmony. Music for Android brings in fact a better understanding into the most un-explorable world of mother ship between androids. You can gaze at the stars all the time, but what you really need is this secretive formula of Microbit Project to see what you were looking for. Knowledge and pretty music just behind the click of a mouse? Is life that simple here at YIKIS? Just try clicking it and you, android with babies or not, might just really like what your ears will discover.
From Russia with love: Microbit Project – Songs For Android

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