Bottlesmoker ft Little Penguin – Last Christmas

artists: Bottlesmoker ft Little Penguin
title: Last Christmas
keywords: Christmas cover
label: Wrieuw Recordings

Last Christmas by Bottlesmoker and Little Penguin does share the same title with an very annoying Christmas song that is repeatedly played each December month since I can remember. The track is what you can call a cover of this inescapable Christmas hit, that has shredded off the cheese and eighties chest-hair. This version has vaporized the commercial pop flavor and transformed the left overs in a remarkable cute piece of lovable music. It’s sweet, friendly, pretty and cute and the originated cheese flavor is no where to be seen! I feel as if this track really captured a very sincere version of pure kindness, something that is a rare thing to find and even more rare to hear in what was originally a to my honest opinion a cheesy pop song. This version of ‘Last Christmas’ gives me hope. Hope to hear more of Bottlesmoker & Little Penguin in the following years!
Be happily amazed and enjoy the song over at the following link:

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