Various Artists – A Very Wrieuw Christmas

artists: various
title: a very wrieuw Christmas
keywords: Christmas compilation
label: wrieuw recordings

Wrieuw! Nice to meet you! I’m Robbie, a thai street cat living in the old town of Bangkok. My normal routine would be just going from house to house in my neighborhood checking the bin bags and begging the local folks for fish or other things to eat. My trademark is that I have half a tail, but that has nothing really to do with my tale that I suppose to tell here. A couple of days ago I was approached by someone who lived here in the street, he gave me an offer I was kinda eager to go for. In exchange for a fish, I had to write a review for a so called Christmas compilation. Of course I asked him; why me? As I do not know anything about Christmas, as in my area there is simply no sign of the Christmas spirit.
There is no one here dressed as Santa, there is no Christmas lighting, tree’s or even Christmas balls.. And snow? It’s basically always summer around here! He explained that that was the reason why I would be the ideal perfect reviewer in this case, as I would be unbiased and not fully emerged into the tinseltown of the festive season. The fish was delicious, it was large and was worth every second of my time. After my delicious meal and a promise for more fish after the deal was written, he gave me a small cat-top that with the bigger sized keys, made typing this review extremely easy and most important: possible!
So Wrieuw! Here we go, from on top of a parked car, here is my review for ‘a very wrieuw christmas’.

The thing started with an artist called Plantman. Me, myself am not unfamiliar with being some kind of a plant man. After all plants are part of my territory. But musically this Plantman was of an complete different order. He sang a song that I was instantly falling in love with. He was singing ‘Stay Another Day’ as if he had just ate the most delicious cat food in the entire world, and simply wanted to keep it forever and ever. It was a joy and a comfort to hear the guitar strumming and his singing voice that made me wobble my half tale in the hot burning sun. If this was what Christmas was all about, than it was definitely worth the fish!

The other artist was Red Sails who sang a song about ‘Blue Christmas’. Even though I have never seen snow before, I always thought it would be white. But as I’m sitting here on the top of a parked car in the sun, I really feel as if the blue sky around this Christmas time isn’t such a bad thing after all. And this song sounds very cozy and intimate.

Adrian Lane brought another pretty track to my furry ears. My whiskers where checking it out from the start until the end. It was something that could be heard without the festive season as it was really fitting with the Thai weather and the sparkling heath that comes with it. This track was really ‘Wrieuw’, if you’d ask me!

Than something a little bit different. It was PatonJames who was bringing a sing a long song that I just had to sing along with. The Thai folks from around the block could here me sing ‘Christmas Time Is Here Again’ all over and over again, but strangely didn’t look up as they might have thought that it came from the local drunk singing in the karaoke bar at the end of the road. This music was happy and fun, my whiskers approved of it.

Melodiegroup brought a song that brought tears to my eyes. It was a song called ‘Lonely This Christmas’. It was a weird feeling that came to me when hearing this track. I mean as a street cat, most of my time I’ve been hanging out alone. I have a girl friend though, but she is kind of a burden. She wants to eat my fish and Wrieuws simply a bit too much for my cat’s taste. The music was probably the closest encounter with a real Christmas song , that I had encountered until now.

Another pretty track that I enjoyed while I licked my furry paws was coming from a certain Jonatan Nästesjö. It was something that sounded religious. Although I have never been into a church or seen them before in the neighborhood, it’s quite possible that this music wouldn’t be totally out of place in such an environment. I have to say that even though sitting in the sun with my paws typing on the cat-top, this was pretty relaxed and totally ‘wrieuw’.

Roshi Ft. Pars Radio really surprised me with their sweet happy song. I really enjoyed the ticking and the friendly voices singing something that was in a unknown human language. It made me smile and wiggle!

Than like all other tracks in the middle of a compilation, followed another one. THis one was made by someone with the name of Tom White. It was a magical piece of music that dipped in my ears with a certain imagination and experimentalism. Something that I could compare to eating a mix of cat food and durian fruit at the same time. It’s different, but also quit enjoyable. In the case of the music it was a melodramatic piano piece that was being played repeated times, with strange enjoyable noises and strange cat like meowing.

NOW was another artist on my list that I had lend my furry ears to. NOW brought a lovely piano piece that kinda made me dream. I did not fall asleep, but just thought about that delicious reward that will be mine at the end of this review. Christmas time isn’t such a bad time at all! Especially when there is pretty music with sweet vocals luring me into some state of holiness.

Than the real happiness started to appear. No, not the promised fish, but the music of Pettaluck. Pettaluck brought something within the music that made me thing of Christmas as something I would like to discover for real in the future. I mean snow sliding, presents, free food, lots of pretty music!  oh and of course ‘purple snowflakes’!

With the track by ‘abstraxus’ it was to me love at first sight. It had this ultra cool flair to it, that certainly fitted my reputation as the coolest street cat of my neighborhood. I just needed to steal some sunglasses and play this music to make the total blitz here. Just think about crunchy rhythms, cool baseline things and things that will warm you up and look good!

Lost Harbours brought me in some kind of trance with a saddened song that sparked some salty tears into the corners of my cat eyes. It sounded holy and it touched my little heart. From now on, I will not be too greedy and prey before every found meal. This song kept me silent as it was just to beautiful to wrieuw too loud through.

Time to rock with Hank Sinatra Jr.! It’s not really an alien thing to love rock music here in my area. I know some human residents here who play rock music out of their houses. I have never heard this song before, but it was energetic and it had a fun twist to intertwine rock n roll with nobody less than Santa Claus.

Something that really made me happy was the music by Dave Panter. It reminded me of the first glimpses  of electronic synthesizer music that I’ve had ever heard. I know it’s perhaps strange to hear that from a street cat, but I was a huge Vangelis fan. As a kitten I listened to only the best synth pop music around, which was difficult to find from all these garbage bags here, but still. This music by Dave Panter made me relive and enjoy the wonderful retro music once and again. What a pure joy!

A strange artist called Banana Pill did also something for this compilation. It was outerworthly mysterious in its sound and I felt incredibly touched by it. It was warm, and cold at the same time. Pretty things that make my view from on top of this car even more shiny than it actually is. Banana Pill actually took me to heaven for 3 minutes and 50 seconds. It was a good place there, lots of free fish!

The Unit Structures brought some very sweet music to the compilation, and as a cat, I truly enjoyed it. It was a sweet japanese version of ‘holy night’ and it made me purr from happiness.  Bless you all, you lovely ‘wrieuw’ people!

Ah, here he is! That’s that guy who lives on the block here. He calls himself Toxic Chicken. He is kind of a weirdo, but he always gave me fish, until all these dogs started to live with him. He brought a track about Jingle Balls.

Lucky the Christmas compilation is saved by lovely music by Umez, who brings a very special own song with a Christmas theme. I have no idea what the voice sings, but it sounds deliciously cute and poppy.

Listen the snow is falling, by Greanvine gave me as a Thai street cat some information about how snow fall would sound like. It was pure insight information that was interesting and also fun to listen too. I don’t know if I completely understand the Christmas things, but I think to feel it under my furry cat skin. It’s about love, right?

Someone who is always in the snow, or lost in some zoo, is hopefully the Little Penguin. Here he brings a very lovely ‘Last Christmas’. It feels for me as ‘my first Christmas’. And ha, I think this was a nice impression of how the foreigner enjoys this happy snow flaked invested season.

The amazing Pink Things wishes everyone a merry little Christmas at the end. Which is a good thing to end this compilation, and quite possibly also a good way to end this review. My fish is waiting!
Merry Wrieuw Christmas everybody!

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