Various Artists – Tape Safe Anthology Vol.8

artists: Various
title: Anathology Vol.8
keywords: soundtrack, ambient, electronic, lo-fi, post-rock, noise
label: Tape-Safe

The B Side Project starts this new fascinating compilation of with a one minute track involving things in reverse, vinyl crackles and strings. It’s such a quirky quick track  that it must be the perfect opener to make way for the instant swinging music delivered by a band called Swingers. This band certainly knows how to swing,  as swinging seems to be their thing. The guitars are strummed positively and everything is feeling good.

A little bit different is the lo-fi work made by Fiorella16. It has a typical atmosphere of fallen angels, singing together in a choir with mixed feelings.

After this bridge of holiness the compilation continues by featuring the pleasant work of  Foraky. This track is an calm ray of chilled out ness. Think about laying in the grass of sunshine after a pleasant day of heavy chilling with friends.

This description also is applicable to the track provided by NOS Project. In this case it feels like a fine summers-day hanging out next to an outdoor swimming pool or some kind of outdoor recreational zone. There is some strange sound lurking underneath this feel good field recording. It might be a psychopath hiding under a steel boat, but the track finishes before anything bad might happen.

The B-Side Project makes a wonderful reappearance with another short but certainly fun piece of music. You might pick up a guitar or a kazoo to join in with this festive tune.

The illustrator, sound magician and music trip adviser with a name to remember REISBÜRO86 is here to show his results of an assimilating experiment. It is not so much his intention to entertain the possible listener but rather more integrate inside our brains to be simply assimilated ourself to be one with this strange unearthly music.  It isn’t very hard to imagine a parade of mentally brainwashed Yeah I Know It Sucks readers parading around like a silly group of robotic slaves. Care to join them? Than this might be the perfect opportunity!

The SWINGERS come back with another fine tightly played summer breeze of music  with fine guitars and energetically played drums. What else do you really need for a good time?

Well perhaps a ‘Negational Start’, as this project simply delivers an excellent song in a original and eccentric way. It is pleasant to hear innovative music that is so well human as deliciously eclectic.

Dramavinile brings another pretty wonder to this lovely compilation. Think of sweet tonal sounds that sparkle an amount of warm angel dust, in the form of music into the ears of whoever comes across it.
The perfect track matched with soft brushy drums is simply feeding the best music to take a good rest on. After hearing ‘so lazy’ you will probably feel recharged like a good night rest has just happened in clear daylight.

Artist Slo-Bo brings some kind of land-mower to this collection, or perhaps it’s some other DIY tool of some kind. Slo-Bo manages to make it sound like it was a well written composition on paper before successfully performing it here within this recording.

Than we have the presence of the ‘North Sentinels’, who bring a strange track that features some depressing witchcraft made with programmed drums and dramatic played raw lo-fi guitars. There is a female voice that tries to put her spell on it’s listeners. It didn’t really work on my ears as I kept thinking of televised talent-shows and angry contestants cursing the judges. Don’t ask me why!

More illustrious and interesting  is the ten minute take over by TOrphy. Within this track secret sounds prevail and come out of hiding to drag the listener into a wonderful sound adventure.  The music shows of an bizarre but pretty world that contains probably more imagination than the story of Alice in Wonderland, but has the same wonderful drugged feeling to it. Absolutely magical!

Arco Enarmonico is the last artist on this excellent showcase of Tape-Safe artists. Arco throws our ears deep down the rabbit hole and there is no white rabbit to help out or show any directions. (maybe because he ended up as food at the Christmas Dinner). The track might sound evil in it’s origin, it also has a certain vibe to it that flushes a right amount of industrial energy in the skull. It’s too short to be eaten up by it and go out for a murder spree, but hey ‘a repeat button’ might help!

This excellent Tape-Safe compilation is a very fine mix and match of artists and their work that fit each-other very well. Together they are giving music for thoughts, chilling out, dreaming, tripping, dancing and of course swinging!  A must have if you are into any of these things!

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