Suffer In Vietnam – Kristsmashed

artist: Suffer In Vietnam
title: Kristsmashed
keywords: noise, harsh noise, experimental, sound collage
label: Mindblasting

Christmas has left the building, time for a big cleanup and clearance sale! You just know that if you buy your Christmas balls after Christmas, You’ll have affordable balls hanging in your tree around next year!

The offices of Yeah I Know It Sucks are a gigantic mess, fake snow on the typewriters, passed out male prostitutes drunk on the tables , needles Christmas tree’s, Floors full of candle-wax and we all have headache from the cheap mullet wine.

We need something. We need something drastic to clear up the mess and prepare ourselves to set the place on fire at the upcoming new years eve! But look at the top of this mind boggling writing. A name and a title! This might be something to help cleaning up the mess!

Let’s bring all the Christmas decorations, tree’s, prostitutes, empty bottles, garbage, the snowman, Santa and his elves down to this release. You might join in with your own Christmas mess, there seems to be enough space in these 3 minutes + of a track. Just drag all the stuff in this release and let the mechanical sounds shred everything to compact little pieces.

Can you hear the machines doing their job? Everything is being carefully chopped up, shredded and squeezed in this little audio work. It comes across as a pretty natural way of waste production and I hope that at the end of the ride the stuff will come out as confetti, or some other useful recycling product.
Shove in your own Christmas mess and enjoy the sounds of them being processed at the following link:

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