ASSUAJE – E kest va’pe kell

artist: ASSUAJE
title: E kest va’ pe kell
keywords: experimental, noise, soundscape
label: Attenuation Circuit

If you live in a house without noisy neighbor, you might be blessed. But sometimes there might be benefits in heaving a noisy neighbor as their sounds just might inspire new ideas. The following release comes across as a recording of a noisy neighbor, not your regular annoying one, but the more creative kind.

You can hear the noisy neighbor’s interest in foreign cultures while he blast discovery channel through his sound-system that he seems to have aimed at your wall. You can hear him doing diverse DIY jobs, his Italian family members screaming and dancing while he practices his lousy guitar skills in a loudness mostly preserved for rock-stadiums. His broken speakers that he fixes with a screwdriver and how he pushes his garden tree’s to the floor. His alarm clock is louder than your own and his mental state is questionable as we can hear him talking to himself in a bizarre fashion. Of course he has a land-mower that he is not afraid to use daily, even though we all know his garden is paved with concrete. Drilling holes in the walls is of course a must, as well as tuning the radio on the ‘white snow’ channel. He even uses amplified electric shavers just to make his presence heard as loud as possible.

The sounds of this innovative noisy neighbor are available within the following release by artist ASSUAJE, which you can enjoy and befriend at the link on the bottom of this piece of writing. If you play it loud enough, you, yourself could be the noisy neighbor of the neighborhood! Doesn’t this sound like a lot of fun? Check this release out over here:

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