Microwolf – You Are The Everything

artist: Microwolf
title: You Are The Everything
format: CD-r / digital download
keywords: folk, experimental, fieldrecordings, a capella

This morning when the Yeah I Know It Sucks mailbox was getting emptied, one of our unpaid assistants screeched out a panicky scream! When I hushed down to her desk where she was sorting the mail from, she had a weird expression on her face and pointed with her finger somewhere between all the paperwork. ‘there’ she said with a bit of a faint voice. When I looked there was something extremely small moving around on the surface where the assistent had pointed.

I laughed to myself and thought that she was afraid of a tiny spider that had slipped through the mail, but just as I wanted to practice my Buddhist faith  by crushing the tiny thing with the palm of my hand, there was a little howl. Instead of inflicting damage by sending it to bug heaven, I decided to pick up a microscope to check what that little thing was making this grown up awkward howl. You might have guessed it, what I saw was nothing less and nothing more than a teeny-weeny microwolf.

I was greatly surprised when a folkloric voice was coming out of his mouth and the wolf started to tell stories in the shapes of songs of his travels. It was not so much about how he ended up here at the mailroom of Yeah I Know It Sucks, how he ended up in a digital email, how the postman had moved him around and other things I was most interested at, but about other more far out travels.

Travels between two important and interesting countries. Travels from well known pleasure centers like Belgium with it’s famous beers, a statue of a boy who Has an infinite flow of urine and of-course the legendary flavors of the Belgium Chocolate industry. And a legendary place where country man eat amounts of garlic, fields of grapes, amazing landscapes and the ultimate source for good wine: France!

I was all ears and totally fascinated by this tiny microwolf who had such a vivid life, full of travels and gathered wisdom that his ‘special’ appearance wasn’t just purely the focus of mind boggling wonder. He told me in his fluent English that he had recorded a hole bunch of songs he wrote while traveling, he also glued them together with locational natural field-recordings to capture his surroundings.

He basically came all the way to Yeah I Know It Sucks as he strongly believed that only he himself could promote this precious release of his! I was so glad not to have giving into that first impulse to have smudged him straight into the after life, as when I heard this release I was even more fascinated than himself, his persona and introducing chit chat. His music was like a beautiful minstrel that opened up an almost fairytale like world with songs sliding through wonderful paths of nature. I was breathless when moving from one folklorist scene to another; crickets, birds and flower fields of sweet songs that captured everything that had been traveling through the mind of this little microwolf.

With the saying ‘there is more than meets the eye’ in my head, I had nothing else to do than place a link in this section, so you too could hear and support this brave & honest sounding  microwolf and his musical journey for yourself. A journey that is pretty and well recommended!
Find the music of my tiny new friend microwolf over here:

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