The Cosmic Setter – 27

artist: The Cosmic Setter
title: 27
keywords: Indie Pop
label: Enough Records

The Cosmic Setter is a indie pop sensation hailing from the land of warm hats, winter-coats, vodka, chess & the legendary background of the retro game Tetris; Russia! If you had your eyes open on the underground music scene you might know that Russian music makers are a prominent presence, being extremely active in sub genre’s as lobit, noise, drone, electronica, punk, rock, lofi and hedgehog music.
Russian produced Pop music can be heard, but is mostly integrated with any of the previous genre’s, leaving a true indie pop track alone in the cold for us lucky listeners to pick up. This is advisable to do so for all who is into the drowsy feel good area of good indie pop music, as this single is exactly that.

The niceness of The Cosmic Setter shows no mercy as next to making this tune (and it’s radio friendly sister) available for the price of nothing, it also comes with another extra song for all to enjoy. It’s a home edit of their ‘some day/new year’s song!
Jolly goodness that it is right on time for the festive end of the year celebrations, cause the harmonic vocals will reach out for the end in a peaceful way. Light up some candles, or a bunch of Christmas tree’s and celebrate true Indie Pop music from the pulsing heart of Russia!

Yes, as you may have noticed;this was not so much an review, but rather more a ringmaster announcing the following precious act. I just get always a little bit over excited when I hear things coming from  the free music netlabel scene that are slowly making commercial music redundant. Get this single (and bonus track!) over here:

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