Ichtyor Tides – Eever Schapes

artist: Ichtyor Tides
title: Eever Schapes
format: Cassette
keywords: electronic, experimental, exploratory, music, ambient, drone, noise
label:  A Giant Fern http://agiantfern.tumblr.com/

An neatly long tonal source of minimal harmony has dissolved many headaches, but the one that artist Ichtyor Tides  started his ‘Eever Schapes’ release with, is one that does so far more to the system.
Internal and outside healing, sound wave psychotherapy and probably more calming than a warm comfortable bath with organic herbs and floral flavors. His ‘Xivs I : Aural Vectorm is one of these tracks that seems to be made out of light, their shimmery reflections and their prevalent beauty’s that just flow out of the music equipment used to perform these wonderful peaceful realms of sound.
For more than 20 minute you will be treated with a perfect warm state of music that just makes everything pleasant and at ease.

With ‘Xivs II : Plyaurech Suns the therapeutic sound session seems to continue where it previously had left the ears. This time other sections of the brain get a pleasant treatment, large  parts of the brain gets massaged into a relaxing state by the release of deep low frequencies and more scrubbing higher ones.

The third part of this session ‘Xivs III : Tepes Reduct’ is a deep sign of relief in the shape of intensive woolen blanket style audio. It has a warm and almost winterish feeling that breaths not the cold, but more the cozy sounds of sitting all together near an open fire with hearts filled with smooth feel good love. It is as if everything is in sync, and music wise this is an absolute holistic and most welcome experience.

Ichtyor Tides suddenly steers the ship of this release into a slightly different area’s. With ‘Vermys (Achermede)’ he invites the ears into some kind of strange sound piece that feels a bit if tiny pieces of sand, dust and a tiny amount of water is being circulated in some kind of absurd house hold machine.

Than ‘Aporeiq Schant’ unleashes a warm moving drone scape with added high scratching and soft audio manipulation. My mind juggles with images of gigantic helium balloons being blown up, old fashioned gas systems are being filled up and tiny stones are being scratched until they have a smooth surface.  Probably none of these things where intended, but there might be a tiny fraction in space that this is indeed exactly what is going on over here.

More water and different audio elements are allowed now into that earlier heard house hold machinery. Some space lasors and crackles, are added to this nervous sounding soundscape that besides its busy activity also seems to provoke a certain calmness. Perhaps this is generated by the deep low undertones that keeps this rattling mix of strange sounds in shape and listenable order.

Shorrean Vilage is the seventh track on the Eever Schapes and feels like a point of rest and a piece of peace after hearing the busy activities of sounds. This work is deep and warm and probably the closest to minimal ambient than the experimental noise factory. A time to think about time and space, about rest and tranquility and most notably about nothing at all. Clear music for relaxation that doesn’t sound like your local Enya gone wild, but more as a cosmic organism that simply wants to please the listener.

The last track ‘Deflaverse’ makes me think of  Ichtyor Tides strolling around in his basement in search for things to transform into new sound machinery, or plain new sounds in general. It is a bit of a mess in there with lots of stuff that can produce a sound, but the slow search gives it enough space to keep it comfortable. At moments you can possible hear him moving around garbage bags, old empty bottles and iron stand-in-the-ways. It is an interesting listen, especially with these strange gas sounding noises that appear at times whiting the strolling. Some are maybe corresponding with the artist getting more nervous that the end is near and his search for the things he was searching for, weren’t found yet. Or perhaps it is indeed just the result of broken gas pipes or the flow of warm water that streams through old rusty pipes in the basement.
Whatever it is, nobody really knows, except Ichtyor Tides, perhaps, maybe, maybe not.
In any case this release by this experimental artist shows an interesting side of sound, an abstract world that is pretty, sometimes weird, but most of the time very in balance and calming.
Feel free to get this work on tape through the ‘A Giant Fern’ label over here: http://agiantfern.tumblr.com/cassettes

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