Various Artists – New Year compilation 2014

artists: Various
title: New Year compilation 2014
keywords: electronic, dance, techno, eurodance, jumpstyle, alternative
label: Intox Noise

It’s a transition from an old year into a new one. We celebrate it by loading up and getting wasted and at midnight in each and every time zone we have fireworks launched in the sky. But there is more to this as Intox Noise has packed up a new New Year’s compilation.

The Guru starts it off with an most welcoming piece of dance music that fits the well-chosen title ‘the trip’. What a trip has the previous year has been, what a trip the years before where! We are into something with the new year, but with this electric train beat and repetitive melody we are on our way!

Than Buben pops up and makes the perfect music for this new era! It sounds like a lot of good fun! Beats, a funny piano and good flavor! I guess we have arrived at the right compilation for party music! Open the bottle of sparkles and let’s dance!

Microbit Project brings a lovely track of friendly pretty electronic music. It isn’t difficult to imagine dancing unicorns, smiling rabbits and fun loving mythical creatures being happy and sincerely joyful!

A more spiritual track comes from Erico Wakamatsu. Think about a enormous holy depth with soft guitar brushes and angel like whaling in the far distance.

After heaving a religious blessing we are free to party again, and with who is it better than with the legendary underground techno producer Sascha Muller? Here he supplies the perfect dance track fresh from his mixing desk! It has the hypnotic melody, the funky beats and that pushy vibe that is even making the stiffest person dance in a cool way!

Ambelion brings an acid infected trip dance track with the name ‘Siriyan Conflict’. For more than six minutes we bubble and bobble on acid and 808 beats.

The sexy Anita Storm devoted her track to ‘a  Perfect Night’, which is an European sounding dance track that has the typical things but stands out with the funky crazy party parts that is made to get a smile on your face while dancing with sparkling champagne in your liver.

Intox Noise label runner Derex brings a lengthy teasing track to the compilation. It has been called ‘the extender’ and goes around an electronic baseline and elements that seem to push it forward. Every moment you will think that a prominent beat will pop up, but Derex does what he wants and it isn’t a steady pulsing beat at this time.

Cocaine Bear brings an ultimate stomper to this collection! Everything is bombastic, cool and slightly grim. The beat rolls and is closely mastered next to the red spectrum. Think heavy synth base use and nasty repetitive melody that feeds the evil side of every human being with a frenzied wicked dance track! This tune will certainly stand out on the festive household new years party!

All pumped out it would be time to say goodbye in the traditional way. But not before we all start to do the ‘jumpstyle’ dance with Diodor. Let’s jump out of the old year and into the new one! And perhaps we can play this compilation next year around the same time again! Get your new year’s party started over here;

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