Joel Nobody – Weedy’s last ride

artist: Joel Nobody
title: Weedy’s last ride
keywords: experimental, avant-garde, free improvisation, noise

The engine is running and the shit is lit’ is probably a track title that should tell a lot of its inner content, but in the case of the sound astronaut with the name of nobody less than Joel Nobody, nothing is predictable. Under the pretense of putting an engine on and setting something on fire, he delivers a more than 15 minute long interesting collage of possibly live improvisational pieces made on whatever Joel Nobody could get his hands on. The most obvious thing close to him is a guitar but he is obviously not interested in squeezing out yet another riff or lofi rock ballad to entertain the masses. Joel Nobody takes the strings and pulls them apart with his teeth, uses his toenails, and other creative ways to create new sounds out of this traditional stringed music device.
There are tons of other sounds to be found within this recording, most of them are difficult to pin their origins down. Electrified teacups? Joel’s voice through some kind of space blender? A cookie jar and a stick? There is so much to hear and to identify , that it wouldn’t totally surprise me if the artist brilliantly managed to get all these non guitar sounding noises also out of his guitar somehow. The ride of this track is a vibrant and cozy one, as if Joel Nobody sits with you and shows how the real sound liver creates his stuff with limited equipment but with an large amount of never ending creativity.

levitating into the cosmos (only to return) is the second session coming from this release. The guitar seems to be the main element in here but yet again played in a completely different matter, not only traditionally but also from Joel’s previously heard chapter. It is difficult to explain but this and the nonstop playful variety that happens in this playful sound noise music performance is one that just simply never ever bores. It’s a heaven for music makers in search for tiny sparkling ideas, as Joel Nobody’s entertaining work is simply full of them. His noise here isn’t an assault but more a pretty listening experience or pleasant backdrop improvisational piece that will fill the emptiness with these sounds as good companionship.
Are you ready to take Weedy’s last ride? Than don’t hesitate to move your mouse pointer and click on the following link:

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